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As being one of the early crystal children to be born during the 70's..for a long time I did not really understand who I was..and had almost forgotten this and my purpose.  It wasnt until last year when an Indigo Elder I worked with pointed me in the right direction.  Now I understand.  I am looking for other crystal children ..early ones especially to talk with and share experiences of life with.
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I too am looking for other early crystal children to share experiences with. I don't know if this will get emailed to you or not. Hope to talk to you soon. Blessings to you!

I too am looking for

I am a Crystal Child. I have an amazing story... I have a daughter who is also a Crystal and my youngest child is a Rainbow child! I would not even know where to start, my story is way too long to put on here so I will just say I was born in 1973... an early Crystal for sure. I knew I never fit the description of the Indigo, and to be honest I am not big on all the labels, but since having my youngest and all that has come up, I am okay to accept what is, no matter what we are called, to me it's all embracing of my path which is complete "Christ Consciousness" and yes, that is what Crystal's are, however, the parents and family you were raised with may have caused some of us to suppress, or block our abilities.... I am on route to become a minister, but my story was far from that kind of life at one point. However that was all due to Karmic stuff I had no idea of back then... In the last ten years I have discovered so much and especially since turning my life around at 30 when I got pregnant with my first daughter (who is also a Crystal) Everything became clear, and I began remembering... When my youngest child and I are photographed together because of my Crystal Aura and her Rainbow, amazing things happen... and her Rainbow Aura has been captured many times. It's remarkable! Her gifts are miraculous... she is where I want to be already... it's so beautiful! If you want to know more about yourself... connect with God as often as you can and in my teaching,,, we call that meditation. It is an un-interrupted appointment with God for as long as you like!!! May you connect with your true authentic self and discover your light and shine on to all! Love love love!!!

ive been told i am a crystal child, born 1970 ,i also have an 'autistic child' born in 1990. wit an amazing gift he cannot yet harness or understand.
the time is comming.
i would love more information and to learn about us
love and light to you all xx

Hello :-) It's very nice to meet you.

I'm not sure I'm a crystal or not, I was born 1976. I don't think my aura is crystal. I've been told lavender,purple or red with yellow( I see bright shimmery white base, yellow middle and lavender top). I thought maybe I was an Indigo person but recently it was figured out my husband is an in Indigo and he insists that I'm a Crystal person because he perceives me as having a gentle,sensitive, loving nature. I was told by a complete stranger that I have a pure soul. ( I was very touched :-) ) I had a psychic tell me I was a good and pure soul as well but darker energy's were trying to drag me down. I'm not sure what makes me unique/different but I wanted you to know(plus its nice to relate) that your not alone.

Hi! I'm a crystal and I was born in 82. I'm so happy to have found this place. I was unsure if I was actually a crystal because other websites indicate crystals to be born much later. But star people have been coming to earth for eons and I realize my heart says crystal then I am a crystal.

I was born in 1970 as well. Since the eclipse, I have been experiencing a great influx of energy and information.
I am a two spirit person myself and have a great deal of love, respect and understanding of transgender capacities. I love all beings in all places and dimensions.

I an a 1995 crystal child and am looking for someone who can be a guide for me. Maybe teach me some ways to deal with things and help me with my gifts. Thanks

i was born in 1995 too!

im looking for the same thing @crystalkid773.

hi... im an early crystal also. born in poland. i am 21 if you or anyone on here would like to contact me i invite you to do so... :)

Just came across this site and I have recently confirmed I have a crystal aura. I was born in '77 and I am starting to come to the conclusion that I am indeed a crystal child/empath.

I'm a crystal child - born in 1970- I never questioned what I know and always assumed:-) everyone around me knew more. I still have not met a Crystal born in the 70"s-- Or perhaps we are not coming forward yet? Does anyone know other crystals in my age range?

Hi I'm also a Crystal Child and I was born in 1971, I spent the last few years thinking I was an earth angel but a lovely angel lady just told me I'm Crystal : )

ive been told i am a crystal child, born 1970 i also have an 'autistic child' born in 1990. the time is comming xx

I was also born in 1970, and though I am not certain, I am starting to believe I might also be a Crystal.

I am a Crystal Child with incredible insight into balance and nature. I have not found anyone yet who will talk to me though. I am also transsexual and it seems to me even crystal children hold onto anti trans bigotry. I pitty all who cannot accept my unconditional love into there hearts.

I am trans too! Email me!

I was born in 85.. I try so hard to find people like me because I have so many questions to ask.. <br />
I really appreciate it if you want to share ur experiences with me.. <br />
<br />

I am also an early crystal. I was always an outcast and confused in this life. I finally knew who I was and exactly why I am here in the past 2 years.

Well, I always knew I was different. There was an experience with a wild dove, non native to TN, when I was five and several other odd happenings over the years. My peers sensed it too. They never could understand me. <br />
<br />
In 7th grade, my guides contacted me. It was the first time, because I had been made to forget who I was because I kept wanting to return home as it were. They were in contact with me from 7th grade until my first few years of college but then had to go silent for awhile. <br />
<br />
And it wasn't until I was attuned for Reiki that they would return as they said they would after all those years. And, during my attunements I was fully awakened.

Yes what and when?

when did you first know and what were some of the early signs?

Hi, I would love to talk to you about this topic. I have found out by an intuitive healer that I’m an early crystal child. I was born in 77. Please hit me back. <br />
<br />

I have actually thanks to myspace have had some contact with both Indigos and Crystals. And, yes I have read Doreen Virtue's books. Strangely enough, the Universe is taking care of business as it were and all is good.

I am just finding out that I am too. Since I started energy healing, my 3 year old started talking about past lives and other things. I brought her into a theta healer and she said she was a crystal. My healer said I have a gift that he will be helping me open up through attunement. I'm extremely sensitive to energy and can feel it. I'm unsure what I am, but leaning more as a early crystal, born in 77.

Have you read Doreen Virtues book on Crystal Children? I'm surprised others here haven't responded yet. Crystals aren't coming forth outwardly too much yet-but they will. Perhaps you could try connecting with some Indigo's first and then the Crystal connections will follow. Namaste!