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I Feel Like I Am A Emotional Mess

I really wish I knew how to fix myself. I don't like feeling this way. I wish someone can tell me how to feel better or if I ever will feel better. My heart is broke and numb at this point. I feel like I cry all the time and I don't feel like getting out of bed. Going to work is hard. I don't like putting on a fake smile and laughing at my co-workers jokes when on the inside I just feel like crying. My emotions are so messed up. I wish if I can't fix myself someone else could.

I should add that some relationship issues are adding to all this. All I do is think of this man who hurt me. I feel like I did everything wrong even though I didn't do anything but love him and give up everything for him. He chose to leave me for a women who is nothing like what he said he wanted.
At my job, I do the same things everyday so I tend to think alot and then I end up thinking of him. It makes for a long sad day.
Reddog88h Reddog88h 26-30, F 4 Responses Apr 14, 2012

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hmmm same here...m getting BORED!! I see the same faces every single day!! Follow the same boring schedule..collage life is supposed to be ROCKING!! is...right??

Please research what "sociopath" is. I feel the same way and i discovered that my ex-boyfriend is a sociopath. They will leave you emotionally paralyzed. Just look it up and see if he feeds the desc<x>ription. They don't have to be serial killers. They are around us. 1 out of 25 people is a sociopath. It could be your neighbor. <br />
If he is not (because if he is you would have to do something different to get over him) you need to love yourself first for the other person to love you. <br />
Find out who you are what you like (do you still like the same things?) . The best way to do it is to write on the list of paper a question to answer "what is my life purpose?" don't think too much just write first thing that comes to mind. <br />
From there you will sort out all other things, ppl in your life that are just cluster.<br />
Wishing you the best!

thank you so much for saying all that. That is kind of you to take the time to type all that out. He probably is one. He hurts alot of people just to get what he wants. So your probably very right.

I completely understand what you are going through. I see myself in part of your situation. But in my case the worse is I work in the same place with that person. So you can imagine how I am feeling everyday. But something really helps me is reading inspirational quotes, daily. Hope you step up and make the huge decision to get over it and move on. Some people meant to be in our lives but not to stay in. :)

I hope I have the courage to move on. I really do. Thank you both for your advise.
@Jersy Im sorry you have to see that man everyday. That would be so hard. I hope you find peace aswell. :)

I don't think your emotions are the problem. I know its not fun to feel like crying, but the emotions usually show up for a reason. It sounds like you hate your job, and its getting harder and harder to keep doing it around people you don't like. Thats REALLY understandable! And on top of it you think something is wrong with you. When we are happy, we know its because we are DOING something we like. When we are unhappy we try to say something is wrong with ourselves. No... Do you really like what you do or where you are? It might be time soon to think about that, because it sucks living like that every day. Is there anything you think you might like? Or even a fantasy of something that you think you wouldn't be able to have? Even if you are willing to think about it, it might help get things started. But its really up to what you want to do. Hating what you do would make anyone unhappy and feeling messed up. I know it sucks, but your emotions might be there to give you a push to make changes because your probably doing something that isn't you. I don't think its your emotions that are messed up... I think its probably your job that is the messed up thing. I hope you find your happiness :)

My job isn't the only issue. But it surely doesn't help. I agree its time for me to find a job in my degree area. Saddly with how things are where I live its just not possible. I have alot of relationship issues playing a role in everything aswell. My job is very straight forward so I get to think alot so all I do is think of my issues and it makes its a very sad day. Thank you for your advise.

Yeah... sorry to hear there are other problems. I'm sure you'll get through it though. Hope everything works out well!