Being An Empath And Unemployed.

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time writing on this site. I just had an experience yesterday, that reminded me of a situation in the past.

I was at the welfare office getting onto it. The officer didn't like the way that I was looking for work. I've only found 8 searches last month. I am looking to do some Data Entry work.

Now I was in an argument with her and I told her that I don't want any work that has me multitasking or doing something extremely fast. But she still won't by it. Of course, when I mentioned that I get nervous to the point of shaking, she thought that I should see a doctor. I've tried anti-depressants myself and they don't work as well. So it's not that.

She then wants me to go to an information session with a former employer who is hiring Telephone Customer Service Reps. I am going but I don't want the job and here's the reason why.

I remember working for Sears Homes and first being hired as an Administrative Assistant. I was only suppose to be relief for the Customer Service juring their lunch break. But they constantly have problems keepint their Customer Service people because of the lack of training that was given to them. So I ended up doing the Customer Service work.

I also ended up coming home angry, because most of the calls that I have gotten where that of customer's complaining about the delivery drivers doing things that they were not suppose to (Such as dropping off damaged appliances and furniture, being late, or not showing up). The worst part of this job is that the Manager didn't want to take any of the calls from customers asking to speak to the manager. But yet I wasn't trained on how to deal with these calls. But in previous Customer Service jobs, I was trained that if you cannot handle customer's complains, then forward them to the manager.

I ended up getting another job (Which was Data Entry) and quitting the one at Sears.

And besides, before I got the job at Sears Homes, I did take the advice of finding any kind of work. But I don't want to constantly go job hopping anyway. I want something that I am satisfied with (And I did have some of those jobs in the past), and that I can stick with (Which I don't).

Does anybody ever had this experience? And how do you handle it when being an Empath?

Besides, I'd rather do jobs where I don't have to come home angry or stressed everyday.

The other thing is that I didn't mention to the welfare person that I am going back to school. I just have to wait on word that I have been accepted into the program. But my small worry is what if I am not.

I do remember getting interviewed for the program and not being all that nervous. There were three other people that I was doing the interview with and one did ask if we were nervous. I didn't say anything, but I do remember that I had to start breathing again and feel others nerves. And by the way, another job interview I did for Data Entry, I wasn't nervous at all, but I was rude in interrupting the employer.

Midnight Starr
midnightstarr midnightstarr
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Jun 1, 2010