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Met A Few

We all figure it out in our own time.

Some I have met have been aware of their 'gift' most of their lives. Others were aware, but just thought of themselves as different or weird.

Some of us know what kind we are, and others of us have touches of many within our grasp, seemingly as needs appear.

I would like to meet more. I gain so much when we recognize each other. Insights into myself. Glimpses of where I may need to go. Or sometimes I feel something within the other that they haven't.

It's something I now can look at as a gift. Although, being able to 'help' or 'heal' myself is beyond my talent. For so long it was just one more thing that set me apart.

Yeah...I'd like to meet other empaths. It's pretty cool when it happens.

Toby2day Toby2day 51-55, F 1 Response Nov 6, 2009

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hey im Ali, i have known i was empathic for 6 years now. I figured it out on my own. My mom or dad dont know. I feel alone i am 12 now and scared not sure if my friends would laugh at me if they found out. I never told any one but my twin sister who is going through the same thing. We feel each other difrent though then how we feel others. It was nice to meet you <br />
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email me at pencil_2@