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I don't even remember when I realized that I was an empath. My mother tells me stories about me getting very distressed when I would hear children crying. This wasn't a situation of me being able to understand that crying meant pain typically, I was just a baby, I have even heard stories of me starting to move alot in utero when I would "hear" or "sense" a child crying. Over the years my abilities have grown and I can sense when someone is lying about what they are feeling and even know what they are feeling. I know what people need, be it just someone who will stay quiet and listen or if they need to hear something specific. And I am even able to sense things about my surroundings and people that I don't know. Thats pretty much the basic idea about my story. I'm interested in chatting with other people who share an empathic ability.

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I have been an empath all my life. I would also like to chat with others like me. Thank you for sharing Connected13.

Hi, I'm an empath too, and have been all my life. I have every single one of the traits that makes a person one. people have added me on social networks just to unload their problems before me and get things off their chest. I would be happy to chat as I have yet to talk to some one else the same as me yet.

I have never been fortunate enough to be friends with another empath. I would love to chat sometime.

i think im a empath , i can feel other people emotions ,somtimes i like it but other times when im really angry and want to stay angry a stranger around me will be laughing and they are really happy then i start to feel there hapiness. or other times when i feel peoples distress.

I am an intuitive empath. I feel other people's feelings, pain, anger, excitement, happiness. I pick it up from anyone, I can tap into anyone, even if they are in another country. I don't have to know them or even know what they look like, it does help to have their name though for some reason. I don't like being in crowds because I can pick up too much of other people's feelings. I know things about people they never tell me and sometimes things they haven't told anyone. I can sometimes read their minds and tell their future. I came here to find others like me to work with and help. I have found it helpful to be able to bounce a reading off of someone else with the same abilities, it's wonderful affirmation.

First memerories of empath 8 months old. It has been an arduous road. Over the past 10 years the knowledge of who I am has come into focus.

People have always come to me to let me know everything that weighs heavily on their hearts; complete strangers have always done so. It used to depress me but now I realize it's one of the reasons I exist.

I think that we are all Empaths, or some of us are more sensitive or open, Maybe we can read facial expresions or body language.<br />
<br />
Some of us can pick up things and feel the pain of others because we really understand and care about what they are going through.<br />
<br />
Learn how to control your abilities, You have to build a barrier when you are in an enclosed area like a lift or a small room. If you don't have this barrier you will get sad without knowing why etc So be careful

Learning to guard myself has been a challenge. Any tips on how to establish such a barrier?

I can sense when someone is about to cry. I can't help but cry right along with them. I am pretty discrete about it though...........is that empathy?