The Never Ending Story...

Know that I had typed about a billion words, where I was asking: DO YOU GUYS FEEL THE SAME TOO? AM I ******* CRAZY? No, I have had powers since I was concient, and I am willing to realize that and cut out my thoughts about scitzophrenia, I long to be part of everything again, I was born that way, and I will die that way.



I once sealed my powers because everyone was stealing my energy, a guy molested me, that day I thought my power was gone forever, now I got ritalin and my subconciousness tells me it is simply closed because having them is so painful, feeling is pain, sadness etc and all those impulses, no they are not just impulses, they are powers. What do I mean? When I look at someone and my brain thinks (by impulse =P) I wonder if tobacco is unhealthy, then I KNOW that person is a smoker, and for some reason I also know if that person has cancer or not etc. When I am amongst 1000 people on the other hand, I feel like I have 500 glasses on my eyes 100 different diseases and god lord.. I just hope no one shows **** on the big screen, because I will turn horny times 1000, empath or energy vampire? Easy one, in a way both, I give my previously reduced energy to everyone since I was unable to form shields and spines and whatever (just visualize people will get the deal)

When I was young I felt connected with everyone and everything, now with ritalin, I get enough control to activate this skill for whole days, yet I wanted to gain understanding of its workings, in order to keep it once its there. Ironically this "crown" effect works AFTER the ritalin dying out, why? Because by turning of that flow, ritalin stops it like if a ballon gets filled with water, when that balloon goes pop! The whole thing breaks free at once. I shunned this state because I was able to do stuff no one else could, and while it was natural as changing my underwear when fully charged, once too many people stole all my energy, I would get scared of my abilities and lose control over them breaking stuff, confusing youself and others, and most of all, refusing to have ever reached a state like that, and forgetting it all with a couple of 50 hours of video games.

I can now make stuff levitate (barely but still a great start), I cansee the flow of things in some cases what do i mean? I wonder what mom will make for dinner, turn on the tv and there it will be a song about hot dogs, and I will automtically know in a FLASH, and while I cannot read minds at will, I can look at a person and all of sudden feel pains in my back, or get short flashes of someone im pain and so on.


Last time I got scared because I heard some people talk, only to later discover that they where talking about me next door. THE EXACT voices i heard... I did not dare to hear the voices though.

My phone is busted, my tv is busted, and for a miraculous reason the pc works, but its stuck with energy vamps so I will use it sparingly until dominating the power of shields and spikes and stuff (simply visualize). And I put on the radio and evanacenses wake me up inside starts playing, then I went out and a friend of mine that does shamanism showed up, I got nervous and started the computer, my impulses lead me here.


I was born as a crown chackra, I loved even the worst person and felt connected to anything and everything, now with my skills and Ritalin, I will die as a crown chackra as well. My powers ever increasing, I am seeing my flower pot levitate, but for now, I will pretend it is my imagination.



Oh, and a funny trick of mine, I can get a fellow empath so turned on she will faint or like yesterday, run out screaming while holding her hands down there... yeah im a dog, but hey, use it or lose it, and I am NOT losing this one, specially since so many people have used it on me too, now I know why that woman at the NLP course asked me, dont you feel really good inside right now? And gave me a weird motherly sort of look. Well now its my time to balance things out.

Axel Andres.

I was actually going to share my whole story, but after 1000000 words and me feeling down, i just realized it would just suck out your energies, and no, I do not want them, I seek my own energies, I know how much that is. WIsh me luck fellow empaths And oh.. The never ending story part title? It was a mere impulse (as I have many of those) but when I read the lyrics, it all makes sense.


Ps Inconsistent typing? Errors typos and what not? Yeah.. I have slept a couple of hours this year.. hey....I am doing my best... and between you and me: my neighbour is cutting himself, so yeah... it hurts... for now. Ill get the hang on that shield thing once my mind gains control. Damn ritalin, on the bright side, I now know I can use it to balance my energies completely, but one step at the time, now I want to fouc on having fun.

AxelTheManly AxelTheManly
22-25, M
Feb 20, 2010