Why Some Students Have This Kind Of Attitude???

I’m from electronics and communications department.
Yeah all that kind of IC's, transistors, wires and all those things. I always wanted to be in computer science since I am fond of programs that need logical solutions and I can code well. But my parents wanted me in this field as they heard news on recessions in IT field. So I ended up with this.
But soon I could relate myself with this field so well. After all, all those simulations and circuitry requires a truly inquisitive mind. Now I love my field and enjoying it. Particularly the lab sessions. So I want my job to be in my core field and not in software field. Its very sad to see that we Indians are crazy about getting a job in IT companies no matter which stream they came from. I wonder how these people relate themselves with their job after forgetting all the things they studied so far and wasting all of them.
Oh no, work for your passion and not for money. ECEians, our field always has promising future and have faith in it. I hate those who take a core field and say they want a job in software field. Then why the hell did you take your oh so untouchable field????
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Jul 6, 2012