I Should Be Proud Right?!

Well three years ago I took an entrance exam with the intention to take a dual course but i ended up taking marine engineering. I've been asking myself why did I ever shift my course. I was a former nursing student with a dream to be a doctor. Voila look at me now, enjoying all the studies and projects I have to finish before it's due date (I'm being sarcastic). S*** the calculus and electrotech. I hate the two of you yet you love me and stick to me every semester. And to you electrotech, I hate you more again because i'll still see you until i graduate and also a future hate for thermodynamics too.
The hell was the shipboard training, I cursed myself everyday because I had chosen this course and I cursed myself more when i started to love what I'm doing.
"Geez, taking this course is not a bad idea after all". I told myself while staring at the plates I still need to finish before the end of the month -_-

I should start working, ain't I?

An Ep User An EP User
Jan 14, 2013