Part of the Reason Why Engineering Was Not My 1st Career Choice

I had two choice-dream careers in my head when I was 1 year old in U.S. (2004). "I want to be a commercial pilot or an aeronautical engineer."


I chose to pursue aeronautical engineering because I cared about my future family, especially the kids and their future. I minded that I have to be at home frequently to be around my kids as compared to becoming a pilot and being away from home most of the time.


As of now, I am struggling in my college career. If you read my experiences and go thru' my profile details, u might understand what I'm talking about.


MAIN POINT : My 'candle-light is flickering out' because my hope of having a stable family is not becoming a reality (a person's plans that build up a family are not working out), and I'm getting ready to give up about my future family. That means pursuing aeronautical science (commercial pilot) because I don't see myself, at the moment, having a stable family, if I do have one.


Note that I still have a speck of hope remaining in me.

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Although you're correct that I'm not an English major, how could you tell with a "100% certainty"? :)

I could tell right off that you weren't an English major.

Good question.<br />
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I'm not sure. But because a person's present reality reflects the future, that is what I meant with my story. If somebody asked me to choose between having a family or not right at this moment, as if the world is ending right now, I would choose to have one. Why?<br />
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Because part of it is a selfish reason: I wouldn't want to live in a rehab for old people, especially the sick ones. My grandkids would be my source of "entertainment" (to pass time and give my overflowing "words of wisdom").<br />
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Basically, I will have people to turn to when I'm in deep s**t :)