Ex-offender For Life

When i was in my young teens i was doing good at school. But when i got to the age of 15 or so i was in a bike accident and my life changed. I got a head injury that made my personality change and other things. Before i was a good student and was not in trouble much but after i got in more. The damage to my brain was not really bad but it did make me less smart than before. I went from up near top of class to bottom and my reading and writing got more bad also. I got more angry and was more likely to hit people. I started to bully some of my class mates and hang out with the badder boys in school.

When i got to 16 i was taking drink and drugs. I started to smoke also and break windows. One day me and my mates broke a shop window and when the indian guy came out we hit him and beat him up. Then i got his money from his wallit and ran. I got sent to a offender place for young guys and got community service. I had to do loads of hours. When i got out my mates did more stuff and i got in more trouble. I left school because i was no good at stuff and went on the dole. I got kicked of it when i was not looking for work. They would not give me a good job with no gcses and a criminal record. I had to ask for a job from dole office to get any money. They got me one cleaning in a supermarket. Some of the guys i know from school go there and one i was a bully at is now a bank manager. Sometimes i take shopping to the car for his wife. I cant get a good job now because everyone knows i did assalt and breaked things.

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The last comment has no class. We all need someone to care about us. I can about you even though we have not met. I can't find caring in this country. I wish you the best please keep in touch and wear anything you want to, clothes or looks means nothing it's the heart that counts

Look at your picture. Why would you post a picture like that? You look like a damn gangster thug. which helps perpetuate the way people think about the rest of us. Get yourself some nice clothes and and at least try to be respectable.