My Feminine Side (?)

I'm not a cross-dresser, but I like to wear a very short black sheer
kimono robe around the house and outside every chance I get. In
the summer I sit in my backyard with a book and a tall cold drink
for hours with my sexy robe wide open. I've driven my car at night
in this robe and pulled into out-of-town rest stops and parking lots.
I get out of the car, look for stuff in the trunk, clean the windshield,
generally spend just a few minutes outside the car. A few women
did double-takes, but none have ever seemed to show any disgust.

Very late one night while at a car wash, wearing my favorite robe,
another car pulled into the next booth. It startled me because I didn't
see it coming. So I hopped in my car to leave. The woman driver
might have seen me from the road. Before I could drive away, she
peeked around the wall and asked if I had any paper towels. I was
nervous because it was so unexpected, but the perv in me said yes.
I got out, went to my trunk, I'm sure she saw my bare *** cheeks as I
reached in. I ripped off about 4 ft of paper towels. She smiled, took
the towels, thanked me and went back to her car.

I don't know if she was alone and I was too shy & shaken to find out. I
drove home totally amazed that my reason for driving around like that
had a thrilling episode that I'd always fantasied would someday happen!
WetLicks121 WetLicks121
66-70, M
1 Response Nov 25, 2012

Did u like getting caught?

My reply to sunsure: yes and maybe no. I am a exhibistionist and like being nude
outside. I drive like that hoping for a 'perfect situation' to be seen. But that night I
chickened-out and didn't try any further interaction. Maybe next time... Please tell
me how you would react?

Well since I like going nude like you I wont chicken out. I get back in my truck and drive away

Sounds like my kind of woman. Would love to ride with you sometime.
I like long drives on rainy nights and always wishing I had a sexy nude
woman with me...


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