My Neighbor, My First

I grew up in tenement housing, the identical apartment builgings were
in rows facing each other. At 7 or 8 yrs old I became a voyuer when I
discovered and amazed how often I might get a glimpse of a nude or
semi-nude woman from my front or rear windows while scanning the
other buildings. I was too young to ask for binoculars, but the unexpected
quick sexy views were enough to seal my fate as a voyuer.

The buildings were 3 story walk-ups with 18 aparments and 3 entrances.
My 2nd floor apartment's front door faced the front door of the girl across
the hall. She was 2 yrs older, we went to the same grade school, walked
home for lunch and were often home alone while our parents worked.
Our parents sometimes used the common wall between our apartments
to communicate, a knock on the kitchen wall ment - come to the door to

Occassionally while home alone at lunch time or after school, she would
knock, I open my door and she was standing nude in her doorway saying
"You want some?" Hell Yes! Often we didn't have time for sex, so we
would both stand naked in our doorways and she would love to watch me
**********. Sometimes we did some quick heavy petting right in the hall-
way. It was so thrilling and secretive.

We had many other flashing experiences together at school, on a bus, at
the movies, etc. Unfortunately she and her family eventually moved away.
I will never forget her and our sexy good times having fun. Our friendship
set the tone and direction of my adult sex life with a love of voyuerism and
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Great story!!! That must have been a really exciting time. It was exciting for me to read.