Once You Start You Dont Stop

Ever since I was a teenager Ive found it hard to keep my clothes on. I used to walk the neighborhoods nude for miles. I never had any problems. I have always driven during the summer nude. I still go out at night. I try to go as far as I can. During the day Ive found many places where I can go without clothes. Since the development of digital cameras, Ive been taking pictures of myself in many places. With pictures comes the want to get aroused and take pictures in positions that are sexual. Amazing what one can do in public. I once took a picture of myself lying down with my legs behind my head, posing as if I was going to *** in my mouth. In the middle of the day in the middle of the street in the city. Also when the kids were in school. Have to be more discreet during the daytime then at night. Ive done a lot more at night in the middle of the street. Got to be careful, everyone has a cell phone and one never knows where the prudes are. Who wants to go to jail? Being nude in public is a compulsion. The warm weather brings a new summer, full of dares and enjoyment outdoors.
DallasIceprimed DallasIceprimed
46-50, M
May 18, 2012