Oh Yah!

My favorite place to show off my pride and joy is in adult theaters. I'd never want to flash an unwanting observer so the theaters are perfect...filled with people that like to see naked people having sex. I've been to a few that didn't mind people getting completely naked and strolling around that way. I'm very much a voyeur too, so I love seeing others do the same. There's one in particular I've been to a number of times that is almost like a nudist colony inside with most everyone naked (or at least partially naked) and walking around displaying themselves...even openly stroking their hard ***** or rubbing their bare ******* and squeezing their breasts. I've seen m/f couples doing this and even a few unescorted women. Of course they were pros trying to drum up business, but it doesn't cost anything to look. :-)

My other favorite places are remote trails or wooded areas and nude beaches. There's a 'clothing optional' beach in central Texas called 'Hippy Hollow' that's always fun...especially during warm weather while classes are in session at UT. Gotta love those naughty coeds strutting their stuff. Gets me hard just thinking about it. Too bad we can't all just get naked and enjoy ourselves. I guess that's what nudist camps are all about. Now that's something I haven't tried yet. I guess I prefer the more 'sexual' of the naked environments. Besides, I don't think I could keep 'it' down with naked people all around me. I just wouldn't fit in. Anybody else on EP like to play in the theaters? I'd love to chat about and compare our experiences. Maybe set up some EP meetings in them so we could really get to know one another. :-)

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I love theaters too. Like the glory holes . I love sucking as many ***** as I can in one day. I've done 16 all came in my mouth and I spit it all of them in a condom and took it home and used it as lube to **** myself with my big ******. It was so slippery my biggest ***** just slipped right inside me with no trouble and I really gave myself a good *******. I even get ****** in the booths at the theater. Sometimes by a few different guys. I like the nude beach too. I like to lay a little ways away from the others and stroke my **** and use one of my ****** while laying on my towel, people can watch me when they walk by. Some of them act like there not watching and sit down so they can peek at me going to town with my toy.

Sounds fun

Oh it is. It definitely is. Playing with like minded people is so liberating. You can just relax and be your naughty self. If you haven't tried it and think you might possibly enjoy it you really need to find a way to try it.

mcex - that's too bad. From the story you shared about mass transit I suspect you'd be right at home in an adult theater and I know we'd love to have you show us your stuff. You'd have a very appreciative audience.

I am missing out on all that in my city, no beaches or adult theaters.