Future Teacher.. Can I Be A Dancer Too?

Hey everyone. :) I'm in college to become a high school teacher right now.  I'm completely broke and have been drawn to becoming a dancer for a while now.  I was wondering if there would be a record of me doing this when I go to look for a teaching job after graduation.  I was offered a job at one club that paid hourly and I figured the whole hourly payroll thing might give me away.  Can I work towards my passion and try dancing too?


Thanks so much!

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No, nobody will know this.

tell us how you did... hope it goes wonderful... and hope you get a ton of money soon... kiss<br />
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I would love more of your advice! I'm desperate for it haha. I'm starting on Friday and I feel a little in over my head. I don't even know the first thing about being a dancer. I tried to message you and I guess I need to have tokens? which I don't? hmm. :(

Ah! So I took a deep breath and walked into the club today to fill out an application. They hired me on the spot! I'm kind of a mess of anxiety, but I'm also really excited to begin paying off my debt. I keep reading about how important an exit strategy is. I think mine has me leaving this profession in less than a year. I don't need an extravagant lifestyle or big wads of cash, I just need to be able to pay my bills and once I get caught up there's no reason I shouldn't be able to do that in another job. I think I'm going to start having nightmares about the IRS though. I don't want to voluntarily create records of me doing this because I know how judgmental people can be. If I'm a dancer I'm automatically a terrible person and a bad role model. It's completely unfair! I think I'll keep a lot of cash and only put the bare minimum into my bank account. The IRS will never be able to find the money between my mattresses! <br />
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Thank you Visualone for all of your wisdom. I feel like keeping this a secret leaves people like you my only hope!

By the way this is a different club that doesn't pay hourly.

Thanks for all of your advice.. I was told that whatever I claim with the IRS is my business at this club... so i don't have to claim anything... think employers could still find out?<br />
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I'm going in on sunday to figure everything out and possibly go through a new dancer orientation if I decide to take the job. I'm in so much debt and it really is tempting to be able to support myself and get everything paid off. I've been contemplating changing my major to just English (I know it sounds pointless to some..) instead of education and it probably wouldn't matter as much in that case. <br />
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What a crazy life-changing decision!

No matter what happens, it's a risk that you have to decide 4 urself if it's worth taking. I mean if you're going to do it then try to go as far away as possible, if its around your neignborhood or local to where you're frequent or by your school, You probably shouldn't work there. Trust me the further you are the better off you are, especially if you want to be a teacher... Unfortunately it could possibly ruin your career, just be smart if you choose to do it.

You know that MAYBE it will be returned to light. If so...Unfortunately...it will probably ruin your career but make you a VERY POPULAR teacher ;-)