Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold :)

I can honestly say that today was the very first day of the "summer" where I felt like stepping away from the a/c and going out. Weather channel site says it is uh..... 80 degrees outside, but it feels like 70-75 because it's always a bit cooler in my neighborhood (we have a ton of trees).. So I ran around getting some things for my dad, since this "cold" he has is just so so so awful >_> lol.. I think it's just allergies, but whatevs... Then I went in the back and did some shoveling (so ladylike, lol), after I gave the dogs a good wipe down and a scratch.. My snookie stood back and looked on with so much love in his eyes as I shoveled up his moose-size crap around the yard... You're welcome Snookie... <3 And then raked up all the rocks and sticks that fell over the last couple months, so he has something smoother to walk on, instead of twigs and pebbles. Came back in, and got started on my own little corner, picked up some junk, threw some stuff out, chucked this old directv box that doesn't work, put some clothes up, started the laundry (Never. Ending), moved some of these cords out of the way, cause I have a ton of stuff plugged up, aaaaaand... finally got those towels out of my car ^_^ I think I did a pretty good job today.
Infinite9 Infinite9
70+, F
Sep 15, 2012