Dark Moon Angels

I found this and though it was interesting:

"Dark Moon Angels are Demonic Angels, meaning they are Dark Angels but they actually fight the darker side.

When it comes to the protection side of things these Angels stand out.

Some have been working with them for a number of years, and there is no way they could achieve what they do when working on defeating the Dark without the Dark Moon Angels standing behind me.

When we talk about Demons well there are armies of them and the Forces of Light need a little help, well Dark Moon Angels back them up when they are going into battle.

There are armies of Demons well there are just as many Dark Moon Angels. These angels will protect you from the dark side when you are doing light work. There is a dark side whether people deny it or not, come on; logically everything has an opposite so if there Heaven then there is Hell.

You may feel you are in need of some very strong protection all you have to do is ask. The best way to connect with them is write a little letter asking them to protect you from the darker side of spirituality and they can also protect you from attack on the earthly plane.

Once you have written your letter then you burn it outside and just say a little prayer everyday asking them to protect you and thanking them for all their help and assistance, as you know Angels will help you with everything but they do like to be thanked."

I don't know what I think about it... just thought it was interesting. It was the first I had actually found written about Dark Moon Angels.. but I have heard mention of them before
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This is a lie...don't be dooped, the individual who sent the above is being influenced by a demon, we need not talk directly to angels in writing or speak unless one approaches you, one need not concern themselves with the darkside, the more excellent way is to receive the finished work of the Cross of Christ. Jesus has defeated every demonic entity, which includes satan, all of God's enemies are under his feet, therefore as Christians we are the body of Christ, capable of driving the enemy of our souls away by utilizing the very name Of Jesus, all power is his, spiritual warfare 101- teaches us demons flee at the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I encourage all who doubt him to give Jesus a try, your life will be gloriously challenged

All I can tell you is there is a hidden world a secret world hidden never seen never spoken never understood i have been to this realm so many times in my form you are summoned every night nearly u go to the places ither to help or to fight we sometimes fly through a golden vortex that appears and we end up at the destination after we have delt with the problem we are all summoned bk we don't really see the others that are summoned they don't know u and u don't know them u are just summoned to do your angel duty lets just say u wouldn't recognise me I could be on a bus sat next to you walk by you talk to you and you would never know in the earth realm I have delt with demons one tried to attack me in my home tried to bite me and pore the darkness into me trying to make me a vampire I stood up and blasted my angel energy at it through my hands we duled for 5 seconds me useing my angel powers and the darkness useing black energy it took me 7 years to recover from that duel and still I am recovering

You are the first to have mentioned this and yes I am a dark moon angel I have traveled the fade the astral realm fought with my blade over and over again I have seen so many things if u wish to know message me and I will tell you everything

hi i am very interested in Dark moon angels and would deeply appreciate it if you could tell me how you knew you where a dark moon angel and aswell as going into some detail about how you believe you became one i understand if you wish not to but could you please respond to me even if it is a no.

I have read your article, and i am very interestes in learning more. I have always known or thought i was different since I was a child. When I was about 7, i woke up in the middle of the night and saw, (with everything I am and stand for this is all true,i have nothing to gain) an angel. I sat up and was in awe at the brightness and beauty and knowing what i was seeing was special. I reached out my hand and started to speak and then she was gone. This experience opened a whole new chapter, and many other chapters followed. I lived my life thinking I am suppose to spread the word of God because I felt it was my duty to tell what I know is true. I have been very in tune with the world, people, not phychic but in touch, I really cannot explain it. I also have been in a lot of trouble in my life not always doing the right things as far as the decisions I have made. Its easy to tell people what they should do and how to live, but I could never stay 100% on that path myself. This has lead to many,many devistating mistakes. I have been through tragedy after tradgedy after tradgedy. Things I cannot believe keep happening. Even though I was making bad decisions in my life, i was always true to the God of my own understanding, and tried to always treat people right. I would take a bullett for a stranger with out thinking about it. However I have also been drawn to things that are not so bright. I have even wondered what it was like to kill. Wanted to kill. But I always chose light over darkness. I have always felt as though I have been here before, Done this, and that I am waiting on something not really having a direction and feeling I have no or do not know what my purpose is here. I am tired of living like this. I want to know what I am suppose to be doing! I want meaning and I want all the bad luck and tradgedies to stop! I do know that I have helped many, many people and that I am greatfull. Can you please tell me where I can go to find out more. Because I know what I saw all those years ago and people have called me crazy but I asure it is true. Am I just fortunate to have just experienced such a wonderful thing? Am I a fallen angel? because believe me i can mess up a good thing believe that! Am I a Dark Moon Angel? Is all this real? I am so lost and I just want your opinion because I feel this post and respect what you said. thank you.


You don't have to be a "christian" to believe in the afterlife,
Where did you get that form?

Indeed. But what's the point of seeking knowledge about something that inevitable you'll find out? You are lead by curiosity, wasting your precious unique life.

@geheata christians f..u..ck up all the time
And can't fight true battles of light v dark
Because they live in denial of the spirit world!

Fina a boyfriend. Also, there is so much more. You will find after death.

... It is "christians" who don't believe in things they can't see, you must be the same because you clearly can't make any rational conversation based on arguments presented to you!


then I am concerned seriously,
for some who call themselves "christians",
and if they read the BIBLE they still don't understand it,
because they don't seek sources outside of it to HELP THEM UNDERSTAND IT,
so how ever will they understand the BIBLE if they can't look to things existing outside of it?
the bible speaks of angels and miracles,
yet the average christian dude/dess don't look outside of the BIBLE for evidence of such things,
they call it EVIL if they ever see real evidence of that which the bible speaks of...

I guess you aren't the looking type either...
for in the bible there are things described,
but you have to FIND THAT THINGS outside of the BIBLE,
to experience it to understand it really!!!

Sorry, the message is too long, and my eyes hurt really bad. Can't read it all. I will read just caps-lock written message. Hm, everything is deceiving, you must be aware. Bye. Also, Christianity, a path to true freedom and beauty.

what I find interesting is that GOD actually created the djinns to WORK for Him too,as anything else He created...<br />
<br />
OH well as someone said to me "demons are actually angels in disguise working to set you free"....<br />
<br />
I also read that some fallen angels actually REBEL against SATAN too fighting the dark side... looks like they still retained their FREEDOM of choice to do good after the fall, makes sense since GOD gave SATAN enough time to repent until judgement day... 0_o lol...

Stop reading deceiving books wrote by imagination. Trust only the bible. Curiosity killed the cat.

Curiosity killed the cat?
Actually, curiosity inspired people to look for answers.
It led to inquiry, which led to learning.
Ignorance may be bliss, but it's still ignorance.

Ok, then read the saints life, You should not let deceiving humans to deceive you with their view on the spirit world. Fallow religion, and do your best to do good. Bye.

Angels have fallen only once. They were deceived by Satan. Since then angels can't fall because they don't forget and know what's wrong and what's right. Plus that they have God near them which protects them from all harm. Demons are weak against the ones that love God and strong against the one that in different forms worship Satan.

Why r u guys arguing? Moon angel, I think u can help me, but I'm not gina post my story.. Judgemental ppl would love to pic at me.. Long story short I think he's right, what's different isn't necessarilly evil, what if they thought that about us, I have these thoughts, how could all "demons" be bad or humans be good, even angels fall, fear is the only thing that can stop you or hold you back.. Not knowing and judging. That's what I learned and I still don't know what happened or what but it envolved me so if you can help me my wonder sunk an anchor, and my searching lead me here.. What a cool site by the way, I hope u guys aren't full of **** B/

anyone who is SEARCHING AND NOT KNOWING FOR SURE IS FULL OF SH...I..T you won't have any luck here, here we are all full of sh...i...t.

Thank you.

new agers make me laugh... thanks for the HUMOR this post brought on lol... smiling my arse off ...

... wtf... there should be a 'n' before the "ew"... but guess what, maybe they are a little bit "ew" like all of us hahaha strange and farking weird... humanity is the land of the strange... we are all funny looking aliens in our quest to searching and wanting to know...

... we are all a little bit "ew" or OFF when it comes to things like these... searching while making fools out of ourselves in the process mmm.... don't take this personally, this is how I sometimes perceive myself and others...as I see myself in them.

Anyway we die so we must try to be as good as we can ;)<br />
<br />
<br />
About fearing God...<br />
<br />
I think we must love Him so much so that we fear that our sins will make God sad.<br />
<br />
So "Fear God" it's more likely "Fear to make God sad"....

Darkness is not dangerous as much as it isn't in our souls and hearts. Listen to your heart FearGod, and see what it tell to you.<br />
<br />
You should fear God before making others to fear Him.<br />
<br />
And God is Love. So we should "Love God" not "Fear God" but also we must respect Him!<br />
<br />
Watch your words and think a thousand times before writing please.<br />
<br />
God bless you all!

And by the way, a Demon, from the Greek Daimon is a creature of spirit.<br />
<br />
A Grigori, is one of the Watchers who fell from grace by mating with the daughters of man, thus giving birth to the Nephilim, a race of monstrous creatures, and the Anakim, a race of giants.<br />
<br />
To clump them all together under one banner is just another demonstration of your ignorance.<br />
<br />
This is all in the Bible and the Apocrypha. <br />
<br />
You know, the books that you SHOULD be reading if you truly are a "God Fearing" person.

...the bible just don't give names to these creatures... like the apocrypha does, maybe that's why he don't understand lol

And by the way, a Demon, from the Greek Daimon is a creature of spirit.<br />
<br />
A Grigori, is one of the Watchers who fell from grace by mating with the daughters of man, thus giving birth to the Nephilim, a race of monstrous creatures, and the Anakim, a race of giants.<br />
<br />
To clump them all together under one banner is just another demonstration of your ignorance.<br />
<br />
This is all in the Bible and the Apocrypha. <br />
<br />
You know, the books that you SHOULD be reading if you truly are a "God Fearing" person.

FearGod.....<br />
<br />
Did you just come on my story and quote sc<x>riptURE as hateful rhetoric?<br />
<br />
Okay, time to talk "Fear God".<br />
<br />
First, you are a teenager who had done little to no studying.<br />
<br />
<br />
I had read all of the Bible, Talmud, Q'uran, and most of the Apocrypha by the time I was your age.<br />
<br />
FEAR GOD?<br />
<br />
Why would I fear the FATHER?<br />
<br />
A being comprised of Love? What exactly, if you are doing what you were meant to do, would you fear Him?<br />
<br />
If you have reason to "fear God" perhaps you should re-evaluate your life.<br />
<br />
Then, in an email and again in this thread, you have the audacity to quote a site that you say is headed with a banner saying " God hates Retards"?<br />
<br />
Perhaps YOUR god does.<br />
<br />
But if he does, the you had better throw away the exact same Bible that you proclaim yourself to be defending! Because if your god is a god of hate then he isn't the one from the of the Bible!<br />
<br />
<br />
IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and learn the truth, not just regurgitate the hateful bile that other have twisted the true meaning of these texts into and then shoved down your throat.<br />
<br />
You did NOT win a spiritual warfare. You had a dream. I have dreamed that I was kissed by a movie star and won the lottery. It didn't make it so.<br />
<br />
In 2012, you want to physically fight the Grigori ?(If you're going to threaten them you might as well get the spelling right)<br />
<br />
Boy, in your weak and uneducated state a Grigori would rip you to shreds in a matter of milliseconds.<br />
<br />
If you want to come on one of my stories and disagree, perhaps even debate, then that's fine. I welcome those with differing thoughts. We learn from one another and we grow.<br />
<br />
If what you want is to hurl insults and threats. Then I don't have the time for you...<br />
<br />
Take your hate speech elsewhere...

In 2012, you want to physically fight the Grigori ?... lol... he doesn't seem to understand that the fallen/reptilians are already here and controlling the world IHO, the world is full sh..i..t and the alien invasion already TOOK place thousands of years ago... to say they will come now is to really blind the individual....

you can't reason with roleplayers, all you can do is play with them...

LMFAO that's funny, so you must be totally possessed then? Rofl

Role playing opens you up for demon possession?

I don't even know how to respond to your superstitions anymore.

This has gone beyond ignorance to simple trolling.

You're an idiot.

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I was told by God that my DNA proves who I am in 2007. What can I do to get DNA testing? God told me I was his direct descendent along beside some others. He said my DNA comes straight from Eve. The one thing I have been told by someone here from telling them that in instant message is something about 12 strand DNA and he posted a article about that and something to do with Atlantis. Can someone give me information about Atlantis? and tell me how to get a 12 strand DNA test?

No! You are rong!<br />
<br />
Foolish ones! Love gives you wisdom and helps you help others!<br />
A person that loves is a healer of soul. He can help you pass hard times.<br />
<br />
love si the strongest weapon against everything!

For all your false wisdom, you would think you could at least do a spellcheck.

<p>&nbsp;<br />
It is verry hard to love and understand the one that agress you and This is why only the strong can.<br />
<br />
The cowards just say words and cry or hate.<br />
The brave ones act and feel what they are saying.

And I am a coward.

Love and light alone is the way of the weak. The way of the cowardly that see things in black and white.<br />
<br />
This isn't a world of black and white.<br />
<br />
It is a place of infinite grays.

quoting lexi's words from a comment above: "You said that ten braves ones act and feel what they are saying, however if one only hides behind a veil of an individual...ideal, such as love and light, if you will, then how can they feel and act out that ideal if they don't know why they should in the first place? Does that make sense at all?"

Judge for yourself! What does war lead to? Evolution and destruction? Who's evolution? tehnology evolution. who's destruction? humanity and kidness destruction!<br />
<br />
Everyone can hate and fight with fists or guns but few can fight with love and light!

what is love and light really? I have come to believe that harsh lessons learned is part of "lighting up the mind"... so if someone is being mean to you, they are really trying to HELP YOU FREE you from your ignorance/darkness... true love and light is not about peace and butterflies... it sometimes has to do with making some people face their mistakes, and that can be seen as "evil" or "dark" at first but it is only a lesson in disguise... I just don't agree with the new agers who go about with their fake love and light, they don't make people face their mistakes, they just accept all and their crazy ideas, like all is absolute truth, any crazy idea of them must be valid and not subject to TESTING OR QUESTIONING, they don't like their beliefs challenged because they don't like to be lured out of their comfort zones, and true growth only lies outside of the comfort zone, where one really faces the self the bad and ugly... they think they are all special, angelic and lovey dovey, but they are really a bunch of evil priiiicks... trying to deceive people to who they really are so that OTHER PEOPLE may not FACE THE DARKNESS within themselves.

Find a boyfriend and you will see. That's the easiest path, I suppose.

LMFAO what the hell are you guys smoking? It must be good to write and and believe sheeet like this... How much for the dough? Rofl

Hmm.. we are here to create a house of light and love?We?And who told you this?Or is this just some more of the blind religious propaganda that always seems to come spewing out when some zealot gets involved in an intelligent conversation?Spew your venom elsewhere Gheata. Im not the one you want to try to verbally bully.

lmfao... they use "love and light" to sound intelligent???... rofl oh now I know too...

Darkness is spreading so fast when the sun is covered... so fast ... :(

your so rude Gheata!!! you don't have to be mean!!!! anyway i find the dark moon angels interesting. i think one of my friends who practices wicca told ne about them but i can't remember...I have to look in to this.

he is searching like the rest of us, and angry because he doesn't know it all lmfao.. he will calm down once he learns that he can't know it all, and is searching like the rest!!!

I am what i am and nothing more... i allways thinked that i was an fallen angel and i wanted to kill.<br />
<br />
You , pitifull humans, why do you wish to be angels when humans are stronger than angels?<br />
<br />
And i am a human.<br />
<br />
And i say things in the face. I am not a flatter and i am tired of being a nice person.

if you want to love and light up the place, why do you want to KILL? is KILLING and bloodshed a new way of saying "I LOVE YOU BABY"? LMFAO

Tho the path is right, and you can see it, you can always go in other directions. I am what you call a "hypocrite".

What the ****?Some belive they are angels, incarnated angels and some retards belive now that they are demons...So many idiots....Eh, ok... Idiots, look,... We are here to become better and create a house in the future life on the land of love and light. And many construct love and light houses and they respect eachother and love as beothers and sisters. that place is called "heavens"But some idiots prefer hate and revenge. They are building their houses on a hate land full of fury and revenge. And others build their houses there. And they are fighting and killing eachother. that place is called "hell".I see that ytu all are idiots, but i never expected something like that: Weak and coward so called incarnated angels and stupid retards so called incarnated deons or something like that.Do you think that i don't wish to kill and destroy? I wanted so many times to kill, but God helped me even that i hated Him and i gived up my power.You are so idiots... Why do you can't understand the meaning of life?WHY?

DO YOU see as a fallen angel or what? I am just saying you can't call people who see themselves as incarnated angels IDIOTS when you see yourself as incarnated "fallen" angel, then you are an IDIOT too no? I understand, I used to do this too... guess we are all idiots, searching and trying to understand what the hell we are and where we are coming from... we are searching the meaning of life through the "angel/demon" medium, AND YOU do too, can you understand that? The meaning of life is about searching for meaning.

...ps I don't want to talk about the ascension/love and light building of heaven on earth, for it is already 2012 and we are not seeing any improvement, or some real eden that came to WOW us out of our darkness.

You are beautiful. Search for a kind boy to love.

I have one, do you? You gay right!? Lmfao

Im sure that Bashee can figure out if she wants someone in her life, but I doubt that she needs a man to make her complete.

A mate is a compliment to one's self, not a solution to it.

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