I Think I Was Attacked By A Fallen Angel

Ok so this morning I was with my friends minding my own business ,checking around to see if I spotted any orbs ( ps I can see orbs) then I was feeling pain or like something wasn't right so I looked at my arm and I saw a scratch that was a white line that people get fom cutting
I showed my friends nd one of them said it was fallen angel nd she knew it was cuz she's one too nd she knew who it was too she sed it did it so it could show my friends that wouldn't show any weakness nd went to attack me since I'm the weakest one
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

i agree with Abbadon

Hmm.. <br />
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Alright, well I suppose this is possible, but I would point out that it's not usually Fallen that do things like this, it would be more along the lines of the demonic.<br />
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But then, demons rarely physically manifest. They usually posess. But if they had possessed your friend I don't really see them turning around and telling you that they had done so. <br />
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But then, I may be wrong