Anti-thesis Atheism Kills

So one member in the IA group made the proposition that ATHEISM is the leading cause of killing or murder in this world.

That might be true since many people DO NOT believe in God and basically live a godless life with no morals or concern for the sanctity of human life but RELIGION also KILLS...or is used to KILL.

Now on the reverse side to atheism utilized to murder we have had witch hunts, men who pretended to be men of God, holy men who decided to kill as many women as possible just for the heck of it, seriously where did jesus taught in the BIBLE KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR or stone them to death, they clearly forgot about the second part of the Bible, the New Testament that clearly and explicitly forbids such bloodshedding acts... They only focused on the old testament to justify killing and human sacrifice to the gods of the world.

The same with we have in this world BLACK MUSLIMS who think they are the chosen folk and that the WHITES must be swept from the face of the earth, because they are the filthy or fallen race... Yet again USING religion to justify genocide or killing.

Now my question is DO THESE PEOPLE WHO KILL IN THE NAME OF GOD really believe in God? Or is their faith as fake as their unjust beliefs to KILL those they perceive as a threat in some way? To kill in the name of God does not make you a better Christian, catholic or muslim, not even jew if you want to genocide the israelites...

In fact to KILL using religion as a mask to make it look good is sickening and perverted, if you were a true believer in God you would have held all life sacred, and wouldn't point at God for blood on your hands... Do you think when you get to heaven God would pat you on the shoulder saying "well done son"? Or kick you down to hell?

If God created everything with a purpose who are you to take a life? These people who use religion as a justification for all sorts of atrocities done to mankind it is they who are ATHEISTS (unbelievers) masked as believers to hide their true cold blooded nature behind.

Don't be stupid... If Allah tells you to kill or God tells you to kill, then maybe you have a demon glued to your back, not something HOLY or righteous at all... Seek an excuse to do injustice in God and God will seek an excuse to do injustice unto you in this life maybe or lives to come!

Who are you kidding? You like killing, you like blood seeping through your fingers, hearing screams of agony and suffering, then maybe you are a demon and not some "holy man" of God here to do God's will leading people on a killing spree in the name of "faith".

A true believer does not revel in killing and torturing people, for if they say they believe yet say SHED blood in the name of GOD, then they are unbelievers who turned their backs on what was meant to be good and pure - GOD.

Now I have read about new agers and some WAR, now you want to kill in the name of your new age gods? A genocide to kill the spiritually filthy [who are dirty according to what standards really?] to bring in a golden age of is the love and light now? Where is the unconditional love Angels should radiate for mankind? But they want to kill to purify the Earth, seriously agers and their religion of ascension is getting a tad out of hand with all these "warriors of light" obsessed with wars and killing...seriously WTF is wrong with you people, just like witch hunters I presume, seeking a justification to kill without a just premise to do so!!!!

I really just want to know if you are that eager to kill or take another life are you really a believer or "new age angel of peace and love"? I call b...u...l..l...shi...t to your ASCENSION of love and light while you wish to MURDER... Hell, it sounds more like you folk desire to bring HELL TO EARTH THAN HEAVEN!!! I can't therefore take any of your love and light seriously, sorry guys, you just amaze me with your beliefs on the one hand having pink bunnies and fluff and on the other having guns [oh sorry swords and killing and hunting souls astrally in these zealots' case] and blood WTF? Really... Come on!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012