It's Too Beautiful

Do we sometimes escape in beauty to avoid reality,
To we sometimes run into the light to avoid life?
Do we sometimes choose to see the good in all because we are too afraid to face the pain?
The love and light is just too beautiful...

I can read on and on and get lost in the beauty of it
on here I can get lost in beautiful poetry of love and its thrills
but out there in real life people are suffering
people are crying and praying for a hand of help.....

I can get lost in poetry and shut off my light to the world
Because I would fear it be too painful to go out there and shine my light
Or I could stop being afraid of the darkness out there
And go out there and help people through hell?

Yes I could have sat in heaven all day reading about philosophy
Ingratiating my mind with knowledge not getting enough
But this too is running away in books and literature
While people are perishing beneath me on earth's face....

I'd be a coward or less of a man or woman with a caring heart
If I said no to valour and courage to reach down fighting the good fight
If I just stood still and let evil devour all the souls beneath...
If I let hell spread on earth without a light to give hope of a glimpse of heaven....

No it will not be the poems I write or the stories I share that would make me beautiful
But what would make me breathtakingly gorgeous would be me putting on my warrior armor deciding to fight
Using my light... as not using something comes down to misuse an old friend said
I can use my LIGHT in many ways but sometimes the most EFFECTIVE way to make a real difference is a hands on effect...

I should not be afraid of venturing into the darkness facing the hard facts of life
I should not be afraid of living life instead of dreaming about it all day
The more I'd dream the less I'd accomplish
But the more I am out there doing something hard the more I am truly shining...

It is easy to say I hide behind books and poetry because I do not want to fight
But instead of reading and writing stories why don't you just live one and let others tell stories about you?
Heroes of old didn't have time to chronicle all they did they were too busy in the buzz of life to sit down and even think
No while they touched lives others watched them and wrote their stories for them....
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012