God Is Bigger Than Us

for the IAs they think they are bigger than GOD and that personal fights with people is bigger than GOD or the purpose they were brought together for... I am sick of the spiritual immaturity of the new agers, they can all rot and die for what I care... they don't see no purpose and therefore I won't entertain any purpose with them any longer, I learned all I could from them, they place themselves ABOVE any true spiritual purpose and that was their lesson to me, thanks!

I Am An Incarnated Angel
Bigger Than Us

By: Me

Written on August 20th, 2012
It is not what I feel towards you that is important,
But about how the Divine feels about you,
It is not about how you feel about me,
But what the Divine expects me to do for each other....

It is not about blocking roads out of selfishness,
But opening channels through doing what is right,
It is not about anger but about the learning process,
It is not what I want but about what the powers may be have in thought for us...

Do they want us to become better people by forcing us to learn from one another?
Or are they just using us to learn from one another to get us on the right path of spiritual growth?
Are we forced to get along for something greater than us?
I'll be honest I do not want to because of my pride and feelings of resentment but what if it is about something greater happening than what I want?

By lowering my guard what do I gain?
And what am I able to give to others once I decide to open up and stop being mad thinking they are undeserving of what I have to give?
But what if what I have to give was never meant for me but to be given out without any personal prejudice?
Giving out of unconditional Love without expecting anything in return?!

We all have something to give,
Put it out for the greater good or else it goes to waste...
What if it dies with you never to be heard,
That song within you God put there to sing to the world despite adversity?
What if it is not about what you feel or how scared you are to open up so that others may hear?

What if your feelings in this regard are meaningless compared to what you should really do breaking personal barriers making spiritual breakthroughs according to Divine will?
To the light you must bring forth lying far beneath an ego that does not want to budge out of fear,
What if your fear and what you feel are all really insignificant to what you should really be doing with the song God gave you?
What if you must open your mouth without fear? Did God not put the Song there out of Love and nothing could be more powerful than Love...


The one who is meant to hear it,
To him/her this will make perfect sense,
But others won't understand....
What if it all was always about something bigger than your tiny ego?
What if something is so beyond our control that our ego holds us back to realize "hey it is not all about you"....

What if we die one day and go to heaven and God said "I gave you a choice to serve Me or yourself why out of fear did you choose yourself?"
What if running around being selfish with what you have to give makes you a childish little brat in God's eyes?
When you have something inside of you that you were always meant to share but forgot because out of fear and own personal feelings of insecurity that vision to exist for God or something bigger than myself got lost?!!!!!!!!!

Would you rather feel sad because no one would listen?
Or would you feel more sad if you did not take a chance disappointing God by not doing what you were meant to do believing few will hear because you lost faith in humanity and yourself?,
And yet again it is not whether they hear it or not that's their own choice,
As long as you open for something greater and what others choose to do with bits and pieces of your song is not your problem as long as you took the chance and did what God made you to do --- inspire bringing others closer to God and enjoying His song like a soothing lullaby making them forget about their problems in a peaceful way!!!!!!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012