Transform Me With Your Impact

We are here to make each other think,
Be thankful when you make someone tick,
You did something right,
You hit a nerve they can choose to develop....

Sometimes we are meant to draw out each other's anger,
When we make each other so mad we are basically driving out their pain,
So be thankful when someone screams at you or call you names for you just became their personal exorcist,
I know it sounds horrible but we are serving a purpose being there for them as they let it all out....

Sometimes we make people feel insecure and inspire them to feel fear,
But all we are really doing is making them face their inner demons,
Giving them a challenge to come out a better and stronger person after facing their own insecurities about themselves,
I am glad for those who want to bring me down because each time I get up again I walk away a little bit stronger than before....

I am glad you are the way you are be it mean or loving,
For when you embrace me with open arms and not scream my head off,
You are indeed challenging the goodness in me to come forth as well,
When you welcome me with warmth you make my heart beat to want to do the same with others because it feels good and does not help to fight...

What you do and what you say can help people in many ways...
When could you stop being angry and be thankful to how others can form you?
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012