New Age Sucks

I saw this on a facebook "about me":

About "**** the New Age":

Daft and Immature? Leave. Crazy hates immaturity unintelligent people? Welcome home friend.
wanna report me? **** YOU. have a nice day :D


So this one love & lighter writes this to one of its other SNAG buddies which I find ironic since I got attacked for trying to help them:

Hello fellow SNAG (sensitive new age guy):

When we go to help others the whole world seems to open up and the world becomes a friendlier place.
Thanks for your share, I now have a better feel from where you are coming and going in your life ahead.
Shine on.....


WTF ever this is BS, whenever you go REALITY POLICE on a new ager's arse they ATTACK the sh!xt out of you, no love and light there, just plain HATE, how is this making the world a better place or moving to a better future?


Religion has been perverted by evil ****** over time. Once upon a time, religion was pure. Now, it's mostly gone the shithole. Philosophy is still pure, at heart. Esoteric teachings are still mostly uncorrupt. It's really no wonder Spiritual is the new buzzword in favour of religion. But, then, we get ****** up NEW AGERS corrupting Spirituality now! ****...

The world is ****** up by Materialism - where money and control is all that really matters. These New Agers are devoid of Spirit...or Wisdom of any kind.


anti-samahdi (adj): The state of non-awareness one achieves when abusing the New Age.

ashram (n): The place where good little New Age boys and girls live when they are too confused to deal with the real world; see guru.

Ascended Master (n): A disembodied entity with clout; A.M. whoís who list includes Sananda/Ashtar, Kuthumi, St. Germain, Maitreya and Sanat Kumara; see disembodied entity.

disembodied entity (n): Someone who doesnít have a life, so it takes over the lives of newageoholics.

Ashtar command: An alien army of do-gooders.

darkside (n): A personality aspect New Agers rarely admit to having.


ascension (n): The New Age lotto; a feat performed by Jesus on Good Friday, thus explaining why so many New Agers act like Christians; see Sananda. Also: to ascend (v)

bliss (n): The least obtained and most over-rated state of the New Age; has been known to cause a related malady called blissninnyism.

Course of Miracles (n): A never-ending, self-study program for New Agers who are too embarrassed to admit theyíd rather be Christians.


Please read more on new age recovery program or the NAA: and
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I like that site:

inner child (n): The almighty tyrant who thinks itís okay to force others to watch Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? twenty times; opposite of a Higher Power but equally problematic.

higher power (n): A despot who squelches a New Agerís ability to have fun; similar to God, but with more stigmata.

grid reality matrix [GRM] (n): Like the big bang, a term used when New Agers donít have a clue.

Guru (n): Someone who uses what they know to convince others that they donít know anything; often use their position to get sex and Rolls Royceís.