True Self Dark Ego

My dark side is like my other half
A limb I cannot live without on the one side of my body

I tried to go for the Light side a while
But only ended up feeling numb and half empty

I went good for a while
Shutting my other half off

I nearly killed myself
It is a miracle I am still alive

Realized its need soon enough
Or I would have been dead today

There are two sides - light and dark
Then there's me...

I am gray
If not for my shadow I would have been half a being

My good side shines light on my dark side
My dark side keeps my good side in check

You have to be fair sometimes to yourself too
You have to survive too

It is not only about other people
Sometimes it is about you too

Balance between the ALL and the Self
Give and take

Only giving would kill ya
Only taking would kill you too!

Sometimes I decide to climb out of my selfish hole and shine my light for those in need
But sometimes I need me time too...

And when I decide to go out and shine eventually
I feed others with my Light as they feed me with theirs...

And then I crawl back in my dark hole
To make sense of the light in me and others

If not for the hermit time
How would I have ever felt or known God?

It is about me and God not me and them.........
I live firstly for God then for them through Him...

When I know this selfish relationship with God to only for Him first I live
Then maybe I can decide to crawl out of my hole to do something for Him: to shine my light, His light within me, for the sake of others...

And then it still stays about God and Me
After I lend my Light for others it is all about God and me again...not them!!!!!!

Do you understand?
It always comes down to yourself and your relationship with God regardless what your relations with others may be!!!!!!!!!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 17, 2012