Over The Rainbow

These f...uc..king new agers want to make you feel bad for calling them out on their BS,
For telling them they are stupid morons with an IQ degree of zero when it comes to spirituality.

Well I am done feeling sorry for hating them,
Because they don't feel sorry for you when they TROLL you and HATE you for speaking the TRUTH,
Trying to STONE you for helping them get out of their la la land because they can't bear dealing with reality,
Calling you a bully because they can't handle seeing people being honest with themselves...

I am done with the crazy and stupid sh!xt of the love and lighters,
Who are all just frauds living in denial of their dark side,
Only here to chastise those who are NOT afraid of who they really are,
It only means one thing: they HATE who they really are that is why they HATE the guts of those who dare to be REAL and true to themselves.

...In truth they are like stupid intolerant christian people,
Who can't handle anything out of the ordinary,
Because to SOCIETY it is NORMAL to lie to yourself on a daily basis,
It is absolutely acceptable to lie to yourself and others hiding behind a sweet mask seeming to have no venom waiting to strike a good hearted and unknowing soul with their PAIN for not being able to be FREE...

They can't be themselves,
That is why they "punish" those who aren't afraid to be just that!!!

Shame I pity them,
Very sad cases,
Yet think they are something special because of the new age,
Whilst following age old social paradigms of a delusional society held back from being who they really are,

....Because on the surface everything must look good,
All love and light and shiney BS,
To make people live in fear of the reality of darkness...within themselves and in the world,

...That is also why they can't identify false prophets and false spiritual teachings,
Because they don't know the darkness to identify it,
They won't know the darkness from the light to save their lives/souls...
Because of their fear of the SHADOW side of life!!!

Funny they say they bring the light,
But what light can they bring if they don't know the darkness?
If they don't know where to go and shine?
If they don't know what "glowing" really means in a dark world?

Since to them this world IS NOT DARK AT aLL,
We live in an EDEN on Earth aka ascension Bullllcrap...
Over the rainbow dissociative personality disorder,
In order not to deal with reality...

When they think everything is rainbows and unicorns,
They live in denial of the reality of darkness,
And use the new age dogma as an escape not to face reality,
Because living a lie and living the illusion is far more easier than dealing with some serious sh!xt aka fighting darkness!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012