Angels And Real Love: Love Ain't Loving Lies

The love, light and tofu clan
Wants to convince me that I live in denial of my LIGHT side
That I fear LOVE...
That I fear the sweet feminine and sensitive stuff...

Well that is not the TRUTH
I have a sensitive side
But I am not here to lie to myself nor to love a bunch of liars
I am not here to tolerate spiritual delusion leading people down the wrong track!

They want me to "love"
Only to accept them and their lies
They want me to accept them as they are
Liars, scammers and bulllshitttters
People who can't face reality
And make people suffer with them because of it....

They are NOT teaching people how to survive
By escaping into a dream world where everything is well filled with fairies, rainbows and unicorns
This is NOT helping people but allowing the darkness of the world to get the better of them,
Why? Because to escape and run away from it has nothing to with dealing with it at all!

Escaping from reality and demons means you are NOT fighting them
You are ignoring them...
The longer you deny them the worse your problem will end up being
The longer you deny the existence of the darkness and demons the more power you give them over your soul to consume it unwittingly!!!!!!!!

True Love is devoid of lies and illusion
True Love has everything to do with TRUTH
And that includes helping people out of their delusion
And making them face what needs to be faced before its too late!!!!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012