Angels Don't Let You Drown

Subject: Overcoming escapism as obstacle, and what real angels are supposed to do unlike delusional new agers/IAs who don't allow people to deal with reality.

I found this Bible verse:

"Matthew 4:6

“‘He will command his angels concerning you,
and they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’"

I realize that when I was heavily involved in the NAM myself, thinking all is butterflies, fairies and who knows what unrelated thing to reality else... I was using the new age love and light method to ESCAPE reality, like depressed people escape in their own little worlds shutting off from society, in order not to deal with the world [the REAL world with all the hard stuff to face in it etc]... Yes people can use religion and spirituality as a way of running away from themselves, whilst it might seem that they are helping themselves and others, they are just using it to look in control and hide behind it the real insecurities that needs to be dealt with.

Go figure the new age teaches that we should embrace a spirit(ual) reality, some 5D f...u..cking EDEN on earth ("on HARD SOLID physical earth"??? WTF!!!!) ... Wanting people to dissociate themselves from reality to bring in the anti-Christ, this enables Satan to make people believe that he does not exist and there is no cause of concern, no darkness to battle in the here and now, in the flesh as part of the true spiritual journey!

In any way when new agers employ this method to escape from their problems, they are RUNNING away from themselves and this fairy land, their own inner personal reality becomes their ESCAPE world, they want to live their imagination devoid of darkness in order NOT to deal with it on the physical plane of existence... Their imaginary world becomes a stumbling block, a stone in the path they keep hitting their toe against, not willing to stop getting hurt and step over the stone instead.

The love and lighter way is an extremely self-destructive path, thinking they are angels, pure angels without darkness, only here to love and accept all, like being on DRUGS or intoxicated wiling to make love to all, and sleep with anyone...because suddenly everything just looks so beautiful because I AM NOT WILLING TO DEAL WITH REALITY WITH A SOBER MIND... Unfortunately regret comes too late, and after the hangover reality sets in.

Therefore those who say they have "awakened" yet indulge in escapism to run away from their ADULT problems, acting like children who couldn't care less really have not truly awakened out of any sense of self-delusion whatsoever... They lie to themselves creating cosy comfort zones to hide in from the real world...

Back to the Bible verse: the love and lighter tofu clan who say they are "angels" here to help mankind, yet does nothing to help people out of any type of self-delusion and basically drag them down further, making them drown in the ALL IS WELL IN EDEN on earth BS, are NOT real Angels but demons working to see to it that people DO NOT DEAL with their problems by escaping into fantasy worlds... And this just makes people more SAD than anything, doing more harm than good... For people who run from their problems don't deal with it, so how can these new agers really heal and help others if they aren't capable to help themselves first?!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012