Humanity: Killing For Money

(((Originally posted in the incarnated angel group because I see too much judging of other people's beliefs and not listening really, not taking any of it for themselves, just judging the hell out of people without REALIZING that if all is REALLY ONE then all BELIEFS AND RELIGIONS must be part of the ALL that should be taken into regard, even so the individual beliefs of each person is not without WORTH, if all is truly connected then all beliefs lead to another clue or puzzle piece of the Great Mystery.)))

I Am An Incarnated Angel
Kill For Money

By: Me

Written on September 21st, 2012

I watched a documentary yesterday about "CRIMES UNCOVERED SA":

It was about a catholic priest that got killed for money... he was friends with his murderer and kidnapper, a black man... the catholic priest was a white man with a very caring heart, the black man (the man who he thought was his friend) came to ask him money because his child was sick... and the priest would give him money out of box from the church's tithes or collectives...

Now what he didn't know was that his "friend" was friends with a crook, planning to KIDNAP and rob him of all the money they could get in his house... so on the day he got murdered he invited the two of them in and even offered them something to eat... while they just had blood in their minds... they hit him over the head, tied him up and kidnapped him, left him for dead along side the road suffocating with duck tape tied all over his face... the friend of the priest's friend (now enemy) said they should take him along since he knows too much, and they should finish him off so that they can't get caught since he could whilst living testify as evidence giving facial recognitions of the criminals and their whereabouts especially since the one was so close with the priest etc.

The two criminals drove off leaving him in the field in the middle of nowhere, and with the money they got they went to buy themselves a bucket of chicken and booze and got drunk... the car which they kidnapped the priest with (which was the priest's car) span out of control and the one killer got killed at the moment of impact and the other one managed to escape the wreck...but got caught by the ambulance that was riding by to the site of the car crash...he got imprisoned for life.

The story spoke of the 4th catholic priest that got killed in such a short time span over the months and made me think... did they deserve to die like that? Sure they lie to people since catholicism such as christianity is filled with corruption...but did they deserve to be killed? I saw how the priest's sister and brother were crying... could you imagine the fear running through the priest's mind in his last moments? Could you imagine being physically abused or harassed like that, being touched like that? Where is the humanity? This priest was doing good and helping people, even "stealing from the church" to help people out... really? He helps someone and gets killed like that.

I was mad at the system and religious institutions making people work like this only to get killed and on the other hand I was thinking maybe God was culling SATAN'S workers, since a catholic priest isn't really working for GOD are they? If they are spiritually numb and not really spiritually attuned to life, and really just deceiving people working for the system, and blinded by the system. Yet on the other hand I was thinking to myself MAYBE IT WAS PART OF THAT PERSON'S soul journey to BELIEVE the way they do, to not seek like others beyond the system, all for a purpose, to be a sleeper for this lifetime around, wasn't it a soul journey he chose and in doing so making a difference through the path he chose before he incarnated on this plane?

Whatever it was... the notion of HUMANITY stuck in my we have a man thinking he was doing good, serving GOD, not knowing any better, thinking that was the only spiritual way of existence, he believed in it to be TRUTH, the absolute TRUTH, AND ABOVE ALL it didn't matter what he was believing HE THOUGHT HE WAS DOING GOOD, it didn't matter if his beliefs were right or wrong, HE BELIEVED HE WAS DOING GOOD, he strove to do good.....that was his objectives, not solely wanting to PROVE HIS BELIEFS RIGHT to all, and other beliefs wrong, he just wanted to DO GOOD using catholicism as a medium for this purpose... and yet after all his good deeds being respected by so many people for his loving kindness, yet alone "status as priest", he gets to be treated like an animal... no one deserves to be treated like this, no one that has feelings and emotions...

Should we really distinguish between morals (religious laws) and the law (simply right and wrong)? In legal philosophy we should distinguish between the two for the greatest benefit of mankind, it doesn't matter what your beliefs (islam/christian/catholic and its moral values) are, all that matters is WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG... to kill or to attack or to assault or to kidnap someone IS WRONG... is doesn't matter what any beliefs say, where islam think it is okay to KILL AND HANG homosexuals or to beat your wife if she is disobedient or to cut off people's hands, the law should say HOLD ON WE ARE NOT DEALING WITH RELIGION AND WHAT RELIGIONS SAYS IS RIGHT, BUT WITH HUMANITY'S general view of right and wrong... it is not okay to kill someone for their sexuality, or to cut off people's hands for stealing, or in the case of chrisitianity to KILL someone for their beliefs as well as well as in islam where anyone who practices any other religion than the STATE'S RELIGION gets executed if found out... in a civilized society especially in a democratic society valuing human rights, to KILL IS WRONG, to murder is wrong... it does not matter if your faith says YES GO AND KILL FOR IT IS GOD'S still stays wrong.

What is my point?

Someone once told me "it doesn't matter what someone believes, as long as it brings them closer to GOD, whether they believe themselves to be angels, fallen angels, humans, aliens, werewolves, vampires, and what the hell ever, as long as it brings them closer to the SPIRIT WITHIN..."

And it made me think of my own behaviour towards people with different beliefs than mine... how have I treated them... like humans? Humans who are susceptible to spiritual corruption, who can believe whatever... it is JUST HUMAN to be IGNORANT, to believe what the world wants you to believe, or what others wants you to believe IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER... would you respect their humanity and ignorance?

Once a priest was doing a sermon about children saying that "Adults who know better should NOT PUNISH or chastise a child who does not know better, for it would be grave sin, you cannot hold the ignorant accountable, for their minds are silent, they don't know what they are doing really, they don't know what they are believing, and if you hurt them or hold them accountable for their ignorance GOD WILL PUNISH YOU, it would be grave sin, like killing a child"... And I was just wondering about the COMPASSION FACTOR... for they are there where you once were, spiritually ignorant... yet their ignorance HURTS people, that is why I was half glad the priest got killed and others of his ilk, leading people into darkness with their spiritual lies... and I wondered why DID THEY NOT SEARCH like me and others spiritually aligned individuals, why did they not search deeper for a meaning behind life than simply that which the world tells them to believe... and yet where is the HUMANITY? We simply cannot wish all those who SPIRITUALLY CORRUPT people dead, we cannot kill them all, what type of person would that make you? Like the new agers and their ascension genocide, they preach about bringing peace to earth but first have to kill all the spiritually impure... then if they were really all these love and light beings, why would they DESIRE TO KILL? Isn't that INHUMANE?

Point being made: what is the POINT really? Fighting all these battles between being spiritually CORRECT OR WRONG, whose beliefs are greater or more important than those of others? When each have their own path to walk, their own lessons to fulfill, their own journey to walk with GOD or whatever IDEA they have of HIM in this life... why should we care what others think? As one in here said it is ALL ABOUT YOU and how you perceive angels and demons, not how others see them... YET i have a deep concern when someone's beliefs ACTUALLY HURT SOMEONE, or do MORE BAD THAN GOOD... shouldn't we be concerned then? For something WRONG is happening because of people abusing their BELIEFS? It is all okay if they live in their own spiritual world AND DON'T seek to harm anyone with their beliefs or seek to enforce it on others, but it becomes WRONG when their BELIEFS lead them to WRONG DOING... no matter if they believe their beliefs are super right it still stays wrong if it HARMS SOMEONE... when someone is basically infringing on the HUMANITY of someone else using their beliefs to DO SO. Anyone can clearly discern between right or wrong regardless of BELIEFS, the priest got killed regardless of his beliefs, the KILLING WAS WRONG, the act of murder was wrong... the priest got killed regardless of the beliefs of those robbers, yet part of the elements of ROBBERY is INTENT and AWARENESS - CONSCIOUSNESS OF WRONG DOING... they didn't believe they were doing RIGHT, if you want to kill someone you must know I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING WRONG... it still stays wrong, if you want to harm someone it still stays wrong REGARDLESS OF YOUR BELIEFS as well, if you know that you are going to harm someone by doing this or that, so why do you do it any way???!!! The same with those who LIKE TO HARASS people in this FORUM, it has nothing to do with debating on beliefs but everything to them about PESTERING AND HARASSING OTHER MEMBERS, and not listening to what they have to say really.... I just don't see the UNITY or ONENESS these new agers speak of, when they cannot tolerate the beliefs of those who think differently than them...they do not wish to learn or to grow learning from different beliefs, but simply to attack and hurt the humanity of someone else... they DO NOT WANT TO HELP ANYONE... especially two members on here who treated me like sh!xt for over three years on this forum... they are constantly busy with personal prejudice and seeking an easy target to blow off steam on... since one of them labeled me as some bully, the entire forum followed suit, not seeing me as a messenger any longer, but as some ENEMY... while I too was but here to LEARN AND SEARCH like the rest, and to help those who CLEARLY were way off track... I WANTED TO HELP MORE THAN DOING HARM, unlike the woman who called me a bully, who just sought fault with me and made others do the same... not thinking about my "humanity" or my right of voice, no no it was all about mocking someone and NOT HELPING SOMEONE in a spiritual forum.
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Sep 21, 2012