Incubus Twinflames: Archangels Gabriel And Michael Have Been Busy

Seeing doubles?

Many girls in the "Incarnated Angel" group (play pin of the love and lighters) have been calling the SAME archangel their twinflames, what the heck is going on?

I mean if the same archangel is taking numerous wives (more than one) isn't that 'angel' practicing some form of polygamy, which is against the Bible's rule of monogamy???

And what is up with S--e--x hungry archangels? That sounds totally fallen and demonic to me lmfao

The one girl wrote on some other girl's post where she drools over archangel michael as her twinflame:

OMG... that just reminded me... the other night I had one of my depression spells.... I prayed for either Michael or Gabriel (Gabriel is my guardian angel) to watch over me.... well SOME sort of spiritual being came, but IDK who it was? D: The problem was.... that yeah, it kept me company.... but not the kind I wanted..... it pushed me towards the bed, and once I actually GOT into bed..... it felt like it was trying to kiss me and..... feel me up :( IDK who or WHAT it was. I know I commanded it to stop or leave. It left..... and I still do not know who was doing it. Was it just a casual spirit, or who was it? :/


Since so many of you are drooling about the same archangels, I just need to say that you few are NOT THE FIRST to make the very same claims of "oh michael saved me, or michael is my twinflame, or archangel Gabriel is my twinflame or archangel Gabriel is my Guardian."

Sorry to bust your bubble little ladies.

But ask yourself this:

"If so many girls have the SAME archangel as their Guardian, or twinflame, then is it really the real deal."

I have met a girl here that claimed that she was Archangel Raphael incarnate, and then she said she was Mother mary incarnate, and then she said That Raphael was her twinflame....and then we got another chick here who claimed that Archangel Michael is her twinflame, while another said the Archangel Michael was HER TWINFLAME too... WOW, and then a third person said that Archangel michael is her twinflame, and now on this very site a fourth - - a total different person.

I have learned that Spirits can often deceive - - you may think archangel gabriel or archangel michael has "saved" you, but maybe it was JUST ANOTHER ANGEL, or spirit, who didn't have time to leave his name leaving you confused and dreaming lovely dreams which aren't really real.

Come on!!!

If you wish to deceive yourselves, then I really do not care, but because I care, I wrote this TO MAKE YOU THINK!!!


have you ever heard of a succubus or an incubus -- I can assure you that that entity wasn't archangel Gabriel, he only wants your body and gives a damn about your soul!

*always remember: Even a being of darkness can masquerade around as a being of light!

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Higher Dimensional Beings have the ability to have multiple incarnations simultaneously. These incarnations all share One Oversoul.

A person can have multiple guardians,archangels included, but at least one will be personal to them and them only.

If discernment is practiced, then one should be able to distinguish light from dark...they should pay attention to how they feel when they recieve information.

I just so happen to be a living Succubus, and I will say it now. Those aren't archangels - the premise that all succubi and incubi are evil isn't exactly true. You're right, they are lower spirits preying on probably sexually frustrated teens. This TF stuff is incredibly dangerous and I'd stay away from it if I were you.

... yeah well these sneaky fuiccckers made me write this story now didn't they?! to INSPIRE others lmfao

*always remember: Even a being of darkness can masquerade around as a being of light!
It goes the other way around as well.