Pride Begets Bad Karma: She'll Hold You Tight

Oh you think you are something special now don't you?
you don't respect other people's space to be...
you think everyone should bow to you,
and the earth you walk on is yours to rule...

Ba ha ha I have a surprise for you
Those who think themselves extra special
and harm others because of it...
yeah KARMA will get you good...

Good place yourself on some pedestal
you think you are so high
but when Karma comes by to pay her dues
You will come down with a force...

To sweep your pride from right under your arse
Yep I hope you broke something
so that you can feel how it feels to be broken
like you treat others like sh!xt...

Yeah your pride is just icing to the cake
Tenfold to a possible three fold
your ego did you in,
betrayed you well...

Serves you right
When She comes
you will stand full of pride
and be knocked straight from your feet to feel what it feels like to be low like you make all others feel...

When she comes you will be so low
In your case I hope you stay there for quite a while
to think hard and long about your f...uc...king sins harming people
and to make a choice to become a better person...

if not...
i hope She holds you tight in your grasp
and won't let your throat go so
you can't have no chance to breathe you insignificant retard!!!!

She'll hold you tight
at least you will have someone who doesn't give a f,,,u,,ck!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 24, 2012