Tainted Wings

Over my many lifetimes, my once white wings have now turned black. They also have a recent addition, which are intricate designs in red on them. I'm not sure what this means...but I know it means I am no longer pure as I was during my first lifetime as an angel. I have fallen....
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Haha just like me I am the same I was a angel a fighter with my sword I saw everything happen as the orders fell apart as everyone fought everyone my wings well they were pure but then black and then cut I can't see them no more as I astral fly I fall into the earth I ones could fly and sore so high but now something happened the light and dark side fought for my soul or something like that but now a days I just chilled I do nothing I do more good than evil since I want my wings back :( hopefully they will see I am trying

If you do not regret becoming a demon, you should consider meditation. It is a powerful tool you can use in order to remember past lives and important instances. It will allow you to start living up to your fullest potential and help you figure out what you need to do in order to advance spiritually.

Thanks. I'll try that

Please do, if you are who you say you are, it is very important.

Yes I'd imagine so. I've had many lifetimes, but only few I can remember...well barely remember. I would like to know more, so I think meditating is a good way to figure it out without my parents thinking I'm a loon

Your parents are most likely not anything more than just human, they wouldn't understand either way. Most people if spoken to openly about this subject would decide you are crazy as well.

They will get angry about things they don't understand.

Yes, I am all too well aware of that fact. Even on this website, there are many people that deliberately target anything not proven by their "science" and criticize and ask for "proof" when it cannot be given without consequence. I have always wondered what this world has come to

But my parents, are anything but human...though they refuse to acknowledge it

It is simply that people do not understand that which they cannot see. If more people were in touch with energy, they might be able to see more clearly.



The farce in which humans choose to live. Reality seems to hinder the once opened eyes.

Reality is what unopened eyes are unable to see.

The true reality, yes.

Everything else is illusion.

A blissful illusion it is.

Lol, I just read a comment on a youngster who believes they are an angel. This person replied saying:

"Young Lady, once that you have been educated , gotten a good job and become a functioning part of a worthwhile self sustaining society - or perhaps simpley a housewife - those grandoise thoughts of being or haveing been part of a heavenly heirarchey will naturaly fall by the way side much like a snake sheds its skin."

It amuses me because of the contrast between that comment and the comment you just made. I cannot for the life of me understand how living this way can be blissful. :P

It is "blissful" because it is a simple existence. There is no worry for demons, monsters, or "creatures of the night" because to them, they simply do not exist.

It's not even something to worry about even when they're aware of them. Fallen angels are not bad "Satan" is not bad. They only fear it because it is unknown.

Indeed. Seeing as I have been a demon in one of my lifetimes, I can say, from what I remember, he isn't evil.

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Or claimed by the devil

In one of my lifetimes I was forced to become one of them, yes...although I do not regret it