Scars Of A Shadowblood

My name is Rose Shadowblood. Although I am still, in many ways, young I have had this name for centuries.
I’ve always known I was different, although not always sure if it was good or bad. I can see and hear things that no one else can but these were not the signs that confirmed my suspicions.
My scars are the true secret to my identity, the scars I try so hard to hide. On my left hand, right above my thumb I have a crescent moon. Upon my Solar Chakra I have a small butterfly. On my back, in-between my shoulder blades I have the scars of my wings.
I didn’t always have my wings; they just appeared and haven’t gone away. My mother thinks I’m hurting myself but I’m not. She doesn’t understand. I don’t understand!
My life since I was born has been a living hell!
My father and mother always fought, my mom worked too much and my dad was a drunk. By age 5 they separated for good. Then my dad died and my mom got cancer. Suddenly I have PTSD, depression, anxiety, ADHD, anemia, migraines, and insomnia. I also might be “mentally ill”, which is a BS way of saying “we don’t understand so you must be insane.”
I shy away from skin contact because it makes me sick! My body sucks up life energy like a sponge. And sometimes I’m stupid enough to let people talk me into looking into their past lives. One brain can’t handle millions of memories rushing through it, hence the migraines.
And then when I do finally get some form of sleep I simply leave my body for a while and spend about an hour watching myself sleep.
Has anyone else experienced any of the things I’m talking about? Please?!
People think I’m crazy and I’m starting to believe them…
RoseShadowblood RoseShadowblood
13-15, F
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I believe you that's almost the exact thing happening to me I've been here since 1605

On my left hand, right above my thumb I have a crescent moon. - that's my case also..
i got my birthmarks removed last autumn from my back, and the scars that i have now left after the op look as if somebody tore my wings that period i went throug separation from my ex, which was actually a good thing for me concidering he was the abuser,,,,,,,

also, my parents faught all my childhood and got divorced when i was dad doesn't speak to me or my brother but was trying to get back together with my mom, but she finally found peace without that bastard...he was also abuser....

people often think of me as a lunatic, wich i can understand cose i'm a lot but normal (and i feel good not to be normal to such sick society).

i was always "different", and have really strong energy, but not balanced so i can be angel or demon..

my first real relationship started when i was 28 and finished with 32.....and it shook me up like nothing....
during that relationship i had experienced my soul escaping from my body - my ex manipulated me into such a low vibration that i got almost disconnected from my soul, almost...........

i'm kinda looking for the answer for those scars,,,,this is how i bumped onto this,,,,,,

also, seeing enteties, seing peoples energies (colours), beeing able to feel truth or lies behind the stories, having uncontrollable reactions on some peoples presence, extreme sensitivity of my body and spirit.......

and the touch - my whole life i let few people touch me, i'm extrasensitive in people touching me, i'm still not shure weather the extrasensitivity of energies or the past life(S) trauma(s)...............

Dont think your crazy your diffrent the scars on your back prove that i know i dont know what they mean but if people call you crazy is because they can't explain why you have those scars and what do we do when we cant explan something were become afraid and to stop from being afraid we make up some lie and we we call it crazy its just what we humans do.

Your not crazy at all . Everyone is just scared of the unknown, that why they hurt you since they don't know better. For instance, I can feel what others feel around me, if its hatred towards someone I feel it. If they're in love with someone, I also feel it. If they're depressed, scared , happy , whatever it is I feel every bit if it . I believe your a fallen angel, the ones the bible talks about. Don't be scared. Your not the only one out there.

I would like to talk to you about all of this. I have has a similar life style and people think I am a little wack when I tell me about my past life and my empathic abilities.

i too can't get close to ppl :/ as an empath i feel too much from them. it hurts me.

I am also an empath. I would like to talk to you about it. It would be interesting to see if we have experinced the same problems that come with it.

ok anytime ^^

You re not crazy at all your like us all here we have all gone through dark pain suffering and death so many times we have powers and gifts because we chose to wield them and help people guide people but I remembered fighting with my blade fighting the darkness in the heavens I wander why I am here and why I have gone through so mutch more tests more missions more things to understand to learn

Nahh, you probably ain't crazy. People are freaked out by your abilities because they aren't mainstream. Try to take care of yourself, though.

Hey, it's okay. You're what you are and don't bother to care about being labled as "sick". This world with all it's negativity, chemicals and rules makes us weird.
I too have scars from heaven on my back when I was cast out. I just wanted to return to my body so they took my wings away. If you want to talk, just email me.
Love to you.

you arent crazy at all.ive had a similar yet different have angel connections.i do one point i got my wings back completely.i used to go out to pubs but id see my wings and feel i should go home to protect them.i used to tell people sometimes i was a watcher.but i was good.then the cursed ones who have to wait years to regain their light and love and seemed to come and they drained me till i had nothing it seems i am in trouble again and the people i care for in the world seem to hateme.its really weird.ive had a hellish life too but it seems some sort of huge responsibility.ive used my intuition a lot but now im just going to have to go it alone.i want to go back to gods realm badly but lifes path seems to take me further and further away.i used to be able to heal.but early in life 3 of my close friends all died.ive seen where two are and are ok but me? its a little weird isnt it.keep walking through the arent alone.take the counsel of the wise ari.

I don't think you're crazy.

I believe you should simply try meditation. If you are powerful enough to suck energy from life you are powerful enough to start creating your own. Meditation is the first step in being able to understand and use your powers to benefit you and others.