Self Reveliation

From the day when i was young i know that i was different and at the same time more spiritual. I prayed to god (the people who are in the name of GOD) a little often because if i want something and asked them, my wish would be fulfilled immediately. I don't know why it happened but liked it a lot cuz i was just young. I asked myself why is this happening each and every day,like a thorn the mere thought started to hurt from the day when i started to talk with myself. Its then THEY took a great prize from me ,i lost hope in everything because of it. My only solace was me alone, this is the time when i realised who i am. But even though there's no proof and i'm not sure until a god more a spirit told me that U are important to us cuz u are the KEY OF HELL. I still remember i was just 15 years old then. That day ,everything ,every piece of my life, things which are shattered came into place. Then i realised the verse from Bible........"the keys of hell are in the hands of god"...... now i understood why they gave me everything i wanted ,they always want to keep me in their hands and control me. But the thing is, in these long years of searching within me at last i found what i am, i'm not just a Key of HELL but a Prince of Hell, the king of Demons.......... people call me Asmodius and i have many names in many regions. Now i have a question in front of me .What is my DESTINY? and am still searching for the answer.............and i need help,
Asmodius Asmodius
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I'm sure daddies happy your here seeking advice from so called swine that one of your lovely brothers named me.
Pitty they can communicate and threaten to kill me but can't help their own. Haha that is if your are who you reAly say you are

I cry and cry seeking the fallin find me i have ur answer