Aris Story.

ive only just realised today who i actually am and im very sad and terribly dissapointed in myself.i saw the lake of fire when i was about 20 years old and thought it was a dream until my hand was put in and burnt me.i have tried so hard inlife to do the right thing to please god again as i knew i was in danger but i have had way too much power and then one day i saw my wings and thought it was great but i feel like im so cursed.its like iwas born to a special beautiful flower that is made especially for its destruction.i love god still and i never wanted to be dark it just seemed to always be on the cards.i used to know i was a watcher but didnt fully understand.ive tried to be a christian but i always know too much and fall on my face.why did god create us so arrogant and patheticly not impressed with myself but i have no names ari and i thought i was a guardian spirit but im just a fallen one.ive seen the worse ones too in my bedroom i hope they stay away because the ones that are not born in human form are even worse they are murdering raping terrible creatures.they ask me to join them but i always say no.they follow me everywhere i go and give me things all the time and i hate them.they rape women in the night.the innocent we the earth born fallen ones have a way out? as i feel that i may have missed that ari
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You do have a way out but it is by no means easy and it is painful at times.