I am no angel, well atleast not a strong one. I am the spirit of fire that lies in the sword of Michael. God breathed into me life. And since, I am form of a spiritl. Michael was a father and teacher to me. He taught me all he knew. He taught me faith, and best of all COURAGE. I roamed around heaven for what i thought were millions of years. . . I saw people leave, human souls fly down, but I never considered leaving. I watched, from the many rooms of the Seraphim the world below. One day out of no where, I awoke, in a small fragile body down here . . . I can still astral fly myself up there just, its for short periods of time and well, i have to return. I well remember the paths of heaven, and hope I will go back soon. Just in case Michael misses his sword . . .
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Well that is one I have not heard.....welcome

Hello finally a response yes XD I am a very very old soul been here solo many times but I still do not know why to fight in the astral wars is clear since I have been with my blade I traveled in a golden vortex as well when I am summoned with others I renember everything :)

Haha it's a curse really cause I walk on this earth and no one know who I am am like a shadow no one sees the true me sometimes I wish for people to come talk to me to see me and my powers and my blade but I cannot bound I cannot show myself to any lol I can't even show a picture because of enemy's yeah it is hard and I wonder why I am back again grrr the gods still think in need to learn something or see something or understand man or something I still do not know but I have seen lots I don't have a lot of friends because of it haha but it's natural

You will renember in time u might have to go through something first that WAT happened to me basically I saw a vampire girl and she was strange as she kissed me and bite me the girl I was turned on obvs I felt all my past lives get poured bk into me all the knowledge and power but as I did I blasted my angel energy at her she was not happy but she said she did it for a reason she said that she and I were connected but then she vanished and I never saw her again :( but she made me renember the truth about heaven and the great battle she was a long lost soul angel lover but that found power in vampirism pitty I always felt something for her but she went away :( they say angels and fallen angels had a relationship in the heavens

I remember you, you are the sword that is beared by the angel of the dark side of the moon. I remember aswell this angel. Yes, the world was so caotic. Do you remember, perhaps, me??? I am the sword used to judge, and fight.

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