Ok heres he thing , from a young age i knew i wasn't human i was something more, something greater i got more involved as time went on and i found Wicca. This in turn helped me talk to spirits of this and other realms. I found thru this I'm a
Dark angel. Now im super strong. Just talking to me will make someone tired, i can read minds clearly, but im still very confused, i know theres more behind this, i know theres more depth to this, way more. Can anybody tell me how i could b able to uncover more info on this? Please I'm begging for an answer at this point.
Skullguy101 Skullguy101
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yeah you are like me I can astral travel and fight with my blade in the wars learned I was a battle angel fighting battles and summoned to fight when they needed me some of us were given this gift to stay here or something like that even I am confused about it I seen visions of my past of battle of missions I renember my other self my soul self still lives and keeps livening I gues I still have more to understand more to learn mabey more missions or things I must see