Direction In Kids Gone Haywire

I am concerned there are many kids in the love and lighter IA group who think themselves to be great beings,
and call themselves great names....
mere teenagers...
what do they really know of taking on such great responsibilities of being such a great being in anyway,
they just do it to sound cool,
or to hide behind to feel powerful,
when they obviously feel out of control....

YET today I met a kid in there WHO DOES NOT CALL HERSELF these great names and things,
she just says she knows she is something great,
but she does NOT brag about it...
isn't that how true angels should operate?

they are sooo in love with themselves
thinking they are higher than GOD,
so why do they then need GOD'S LOVE at all?
When they can only live off their self-love???
they don't want direction,
they think they are the creators of their own destinies...
that is why they get it SOOO WRONG!!!

This amazed me since this is the first kid who said SHE DOES NOT KNOW what she really is...
But maybe she knows but she does NOT KNOW HER NAME,

I said I liked her lack of pride,
because when one is humble you don't lose sight of your true spiritual purpose,
like those who boast and sound BIG manage to do...

I am intrigued by this search thing,
WHY do people want to know who they really are?
WHY do they search meaning?
Is it because they want direction?
Then why do some get it so terribly wrong?

I am just seeing today
THAT when you stay humble and don't pretend you know it all
When you are smart enough to not know it all,
when you are wise enough to know there is something bigger than you out there to serve,
or at least to be aware of...
it is only then that you get true direction...
and guidance...

SO the fallen,
they know they are low,
it keeps them humble and in tune with the SOURCE i'd say...

Because those who boast and go all EGO on themselves
Don't hear the whispers of GOD...
Because they think they are GOD,
Perfect in every way,
not in need of any direction whatsoever,
so they might as well give up the search,
when they pretend to know it all.....
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 18, 2012

Searching for oneself is like finding that missing piece in the 1000 piece puzzle. It becomes so irksome to live without; 'you HAVE to finish that puzzle', your brain whispers. You search frantically, empty the box, and either find that piece, or that unfinished puzzle is lying there for three months or more because A. you're still searching, or the ever popular B. you decide to let it go, but are reluctant to let it go completely.

........ As the new ager would say "you can be anything you want to be" so why search? There is nothing to find if you can be anything you want....

My guess is that its one thing for you to tell yourself that you are anything you want, and another to know exactly who you are. It's been especially hard for me to tell one from the other lately. I don't know what wrong.

... maybe it is because you are ONE, and because you are ONE you can identify FAKES?????!!!! Fakes usually tolerate each other, but what if we are all fakes?????/ huh? lmfao

What exactly do you mean by I am "ONE"? Perhaps explain in greater detail?

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