Love & Light Victim Card

I wrote this as a comment to one of my friend's stories where she is mad about people playing the victim card when they are faced with who they really are... then saying sorry as if it was a all just a joke... like the love and lighters, they cannot be mean because they are ALL PURE remember, so whatever evil wickedness they make happen is all just a joke in their eyes; here's the comment:


Been dealing with one such member on here
Attacked and harassed me
And called me the f..u..cking bully
Can you believe that?

Now she is spinning the wheel backwards
It is my fault that she acted like a totaly farrking
It is was all my fault that I got hurt
I asked for it...
And then she has the audacity to say "sorry" at the end...

Okay WTF is that all about?
She says sorry while she continues to attack and harass me in the same breath...

I can read between the lines baaitch!!!!


I am just saying if someone wanted to hurt you,
It is because they wanted to,
And not necessarily because you deserved it...
What is karma in anyway?
When man has the free will to hurt and damage anyone they please?
Karma does not restrict man's will to hurt someone else,
Man's will is not curbed by Karma to go and cause chaos in someone else's life,
These puking phunking new agers would say YES you deserved to be treated like sh!xt by us to avoid personal responsibility for their own actions!
They blame everything on karma just to avoid the fact that they are evil pri!!cks,
Living happily in their love and light delusion "oh we are so pretty, the most pure angels of peace and BS"
WTF ever...
I see right through them!

BTW the woman who attacked me calls herself an "angel of peace"... A love and lighter here to LOVE everyone to "death"... Yeah Please biaatch, you are a lying scum turrd!

indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012