From My Special Friend, Dreampoet

On a special day in November
When the world was cold
An Angel was sent to earth
So it has been told.

Born of female sex
With a kindness matched by none
She is special beyond words
Filled with laughter and fun.

She became a beautiful woman
With a heart so kind
With a soft loving voice
And a beauty that blows the mind.

Very strong and confidant
So loving and so sincere
I am blessed to know her
Through many a passing year.

I have heard of Angels
Although none I ever got a chance to see
Yet I was sought out for friendship
By an Angel that is dear to me.

Her power is her gentle understanding
That radiates from her soul
That wraps you in tightly
And she takes control.

I am lucky to know this Angel
Who I get to talk to for a spell
She brings me such peace
I adore her, she can tell.

Love is such a small word
For much deeper I feel
Although I try so hard to
Have my feelings concealed.

But she always brings them out
Because she stirs something in me
I just give in to her power
And just marvel at what the eyes and heart sees.

So to my Angel
Wherever she might be
I love you very much
For the love you give to me..


akindheart akindheart
61-65, F
8 Responses Sep 20, 2012

What a beautiful poem! Dreampoet sounds so very special.

I have known DP for many years. We are the best of friends and I adore him...he is attached now but i still hold him dear...

What beautiful poetry, thank you.

You are lucky to have such a person.

he is such a great friend...thank you..

She is the kindest sweetest and the most beautiful lady I have ever known. She is my angel.

Lovely. More power to both of you!

he is my dearest friend. I love him to pieces.

Love you too Sweety.

i am truly honored. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are very welcome :) xo

great poem!

Thank You, I meant every word.

He puts into words how many of us can only feel. He has a wonderful special way with them. And having such a kindhearted & loving lady as an inspiration for them makes it even better. He is saying what we all would like to be able to. We love you sweetheart.....

Isn't he the best? we havebeen friends for a few years now..and this is his talent

He has a wonderful talent. And I wish him the very best in all his future endeavors. I envy his way with words.

I think of her and the words just flow. She gives me inspiration. Some of my poetry has been written with her in mind. I adore her.

I am also an artist, I have thought about doing a sketch of her.

Please do. I would love to see it as I am sure she would. Thank you so much my friend!

Its easy to have such beautiful words flow. Especially when the subject stirs such deep feelings inside.

Beautiful words for such a beautiful lady. You're quite an exceptional gentleman....and friend.

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