It's Always Been There....

...My love for anime that is. I mean I loooooved Sailor Moon as a child (and due to the fact that I'm mature and know better I'm not rewatching it so that I can maintain that childhood respect that I still hold for it) and remember being interested in inuyasha, but I never got it. There was also Yu Yu Hakushu (Hakusha?) that I thought was different yet interesting, but due to my age I still was not able to keep up with it.

And then there was Naruto! What anime fan hasn't watched that? Ain't that like the quintessential anime? Like, c'mon, even non-anime fans still think that Naruto is epic! lol but anyway lets be honest....when they first started doing the trailers on toonami I refused to watch it cuz I thought it would be dumb. But then one night I saw an episode and was HOOKED!!!!!!!!!!! After me and my sister both felt that television was failing us in dealing out new episodes in a timely manner we immediately realized that the internet was the place to turn too, and that's where we would stay glued to for hours on end.

However, once Naruto became to overbearing to keep up with (Haven't kept up with it for like the last 3 years and I slightly regret it, although I was reading the manga online by then) I began exploring other anime. My sister was already into other shows than Naruto, but me being stubborn I refused to dedicate attention to any other show. Then, one night, when I was bored as hell at my grandma's, i discovered free VOD where I began to watch This Ugly Yet Beautiful World and Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu? With a hint of nudity in the first and a growing interest in the latter I became fully enthralled with all sorts of anime and actually finished all of the Full Metal Panic Series and loved it!!!!!!!!

Now I've gone through a lot of anime and manga, with my preference leaning heavily on manga now (idk anime just doesn't go all the way I want it to go if you understand). I've watched Bokura ga Ita, Black Blood Brother, The Ef series, Aoi Hana, Toradora, 5 centimeters per second, Air Tv, Kanon, Canaan, Clannad, the Hell Girl Series, Bleach, Chaos; Head, Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East), Highschool of the Dead (HSOTD), Paradise Kiss, NANA and I've read countless other mangas with my personal favorite of them being Girlfriends (now that's a yuri aka girl on girl which is a genre I absolutely love), Kimi ni Todoke, Kyou, koi Hajimemasu, Megane Chan meets Yankee Kun, and Kaichou wa Maid-Sama.

Overall I just love it and at one point was addicted (Otaku foreal XD). Lol but in the last few months I haven't watched anything really good, which in turn is leaving my yearning. But overall just everything about all of it catchs my eye and my soul, so ultimately it's solidified a place in my heart and memories! :)
pinstru pinstru
22-25, F
May 11, 2012