Murphy The Skunk Takes A Ride In Clays Truck

Okay well my dad and brothers have been away for a few days, and it has been a while since i did a good prank in a while, so i called up my good buddy Jake and asked him if i could borrow Murphy ha ha. I put the skunk in the back seat of Clays truck, and eventually he got in and headed home.
He got about half way down the drive way ( i know because i was watching from a nearby tree) and then slammed on the brakes HA HA HA. He jumped out and yelled and i qoute "LEXI I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE YOU GET YOUR SORRY A** OVER HERE AND GET THIS ******* SKUNK OUT OF MY TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I almost lost my balance i was laughing so hard ha ha ha =D, Clay then got out this cell phone and called my dad the conversation went like this. " Hi dad ummm yeah uhhhhh i think Lexi put a skunk in my truck what should I do to get it out?................(hysterical laughing)...............ITS NOT FUNNY IF THAT THING SPRAYS I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DRIVE THIS TRUCK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so my dad said he would be down there in a few minutes, i waited in the safety of the tree until he showed up ha ha i didn't want to be on the ground with Clay when he is mad ha ha.
Well my dad and Erica showed a few minutes later  and I  got down and explained  that Murphy was a odorless pet skunk, then i got him out and put him back in the pet carrier. Clay was still too freaked out to go near him, he said he thought something was moving around in the back seat so he looked over his shoulder and saw a black and white tail, thats when he slammed on the brakes ha ha =D, but i think he forgave me now lol, he wanted to skin my alive but my dad saved me and said i wasn't in trouble since it was an odorless skunk ha ha so there is the story =)
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2012

*giglin so hard* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha!!! i think that is way funny :) If CLAcowboy is your brother sorry 4 laughing..but it is kinda funny!! :) :)

oooh and ps...i wish I had a murphy skunk I mean..imagine if i let him walk around in my dad's church he pastors at ? hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! oooooo MY goodness i would laugh so hard even if i know it is not laughing just thinking about Murphy walking up and down and all around!!!

ha ha yeah i had considered letting a skunk loose in my grandpa's church, but then decided against it because i knew i would get in A LOT of trouble for that ha ha

yeh me too. I would be in HUGE trouble!!! i still think it is funny. or I would put Murphy in my brothers room!! HAAAAAAAAAhahahahah:)

NOT CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!