Catfish In The Bathtub

 Well i got the idea for this prank from a story my EP momma told me ha ha the plan was to get catch some fish keep them alive and put them in my parents bath tub to swim around ha ha.
So i guess i played Tom Sawyer yesterday i skipped school to go fishing, found a pole and got some worms and went down to the river to see what i could catch.
I wanted to get an Alligator Gar, they are a creepy looking fish with sharp teeth, but those are tricky to catch so i thought i would settle on some cat fish.
There is a big boulder that catfish always like to hang out under, I wanted to get a really big one, but after 3 hours i had caught 4 decent sized cat fish so i put them in a bucket and headed back up to the house.
My parents bedroom is off limits we are not allowed to go in there alone so i guess i was kinda breaking a rule there but oh well i have done worse.
They have a big bath tub almost like a hot tub with massage jets and cool stuff, so I put the fish in and filled it up almost all the way to the top, ha ha and waited for my mom to get home.

Erica laughed when she saw them swimming around in there, ha ha i think i have corrupted her into a prankster, ha ha she has even pulled a few pranks herself lately ha ha.

My mom got home around 7 she went through her calming routine of relaxation, she went up to her room and a few minutes later i hear her let out a blood curdling scream ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha =D, i was listening outside the door "Ewwwwww what are these slimy things..........." then she yelled for me "ALEXIA JUSTINE YOU PUT THESE FISH IN HERE YOU BETTER GET THEM OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ha ha so i go in there and i said "Oh i see you met my fishy friends ha ha" she glared at me "Get these 'things' out of my bath tub NOW" "What have we told you about bringing animals in the house?" and of couse i reminded her they were fish not animals ha ha ha of course she did not like that.
 I got a bucket and actually had some fun trying to grab them out of the tub i am sure splashing water all over the place probably made her more mad, i took the fish outside and dumped them in a water trough.

My mom did switch me but it wasn't that bad i only would have got 10 but I made the mistake of telling her that she couldn't hit me hard enought to make it tickle, that got me 10 more whacks but still wasn't that bad.

So there is the story of about the cat fish in the bath tub, thinking about it now i wished i would have put more in there, but oh well ha ha i hadn't pranked my mom in a while and its always worth it when she screams =D
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Well your EP momma sounds like a smart lady ;)