Glue And Feathers

Okay so my brother Clay and his fiance Katie are staying with us for a few days because my parents are away, I have been trying to cut back on pranks but since he is our brother me and Erica thought we would have some fun.

Well Erica has been trying out pranks herself lately so this time I thought I would just tell her how to do it and she could set it up all herself, well that and should we get in trouble my name would be out of it because I technially I didn't set it up, I just told Erica "how to set it up".

Clay and Katie like to do lots of kissing........sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little, well whenever your brother and his lady friend are making out on the couch anyone would kinda  get a little sick, so Erica came to me and asked if she could borrow my water balloon launcher, ha ha ha of course I let her have if she filled the balloons up with "Squishy Bath" stuff ha ha it is a really weird goo, she launched a few of those at them, didn't really do much but hey whatever kills the romantic mood.

A friend of mine gave me this idea a long time ago but I had bought some at april fools and never used it so we thought it would work.
We snuck in their bedroom and put itching powder all over the bed sheets wha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that stuff is itchy but harmless so we didn't think it would hurt anyone (other than a rash from itching so much lol.)

My EP momma gave me the idea for the next prank,  we got a bunch of glue and put it in a bucket and mixed it with a little water so it would be kinda like a soupy paste, then we cut open a feather pillow, (that made a huge mess)  and we put the feathers in another bucket and set up a trip line system above the door so we wouldn't have to be present when he walked out the door.

Well at about 11 last night me and Erica got up and I went outside to ring the front door bell, Clay is very predicatable so we had the glue and feathers set up at the side door by the kitchen because we knew he wouldn't fall for the same prank twice and he would try and go out the side door sneak around the house and catch us at the front. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, wow its funny when you can predict people like that. I ran the door bell for about 15 mintues and just as we thought he tried to sneak out the side door and got glued ha ha ha ha, as soon as I heard him yelling and cussing I ran around the house where Erica was waiting, we had a good laugh and then spent the night in the stables.

We went back up to the house in the morning, Clays hair was sticking up in all different directions ha ha he couldn't get all the glue out, ha ha ha and I guess with that itching powder they had interesting night ha ha ha ha ha =D

So there is the story of us making Clay look like a chicken =)

bullgirl104 bullgirl104
18-21, F
May 4, 2012