Trapped In A Horse Trailer

Okay so this time me and Erica worked together and pranked my dad and oldest brother Tyler.
My dad is having lots of young steers shipped in and were gonna fatten them up and the sell them, so lately everyone has been having to help out with branding and sorting, me and Diablo did some sorting this morning before school and that was fun =) and I also set up some pranks ha ha ha.
A classic cowboy prank is to loosen his  cinch, thats the strap that goes under the horse to hold the saddle in place, if its not tight enough, you will fall on your butt when you try to mount up ha ha ha. So I went and loosened some saddles it is halarious watching cowboys attempt to swing up on their horse but then splat on their butt when the saddle slides ha ha ha, and a classic cowgirl prank is putting glue inside peoples hats, wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I did that to my dad and both my brother I do that prank a lot but they fall for it everytime and they all could use a hair cut.

Now I am not even sure how this prank started baciscally what happened is my dad and Tyler were loading horses into a trailer, and well me and Erica saw a good pranking opprtunity so we quick ran over there and slammed the back door on them, the last words out of Tyler before it shut were "HEY WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ha ha ha it took  both of us to hold it shut and latch the lock, we locked the side door too, and my dad and Tyler were both yelling and banging on the walls in there, I think Tyler was attempting to ram down the door but it wasn't working, the horses they had in there whinnied very loudly almost as if they were laughing at their owners, "Shut Up Reno."  was what we heard next me and Erica were both laughing, and went inside to get some lunch. The vents were open and it was parked under some shady trees so we knew they would be fine, you can't open the windows from the inside and they were both to big to fit through them anyway.

We kept them in there for maybe half an hour, debating on how we should release them, then Clay came in and so me and Erica some how talked him into driving the trailer to Tylers house which is maybe 20 miles from our house, of course we didn't tell him who else was in there, we just said let the "horses" out when you get there.
I don't want to be too mean to Clay but he is not the brightest light bulb in the pack, so he just got in the truck and drove away, I am sure my dad and Tyler were panicing but there is no way Clay would have heard them banging around because he had his headphones in.

Me and Erica watched him drive away and we were rolling around on the ground laughing but we knew we would be in huge trouble when they got out.

My mom came home a little while later, ha ha ha she drove right past Clay and didn't even know who else was in the trailer, she asked us where dad was but we just casually said "Oh ummm he and Ty are out on a ride they should be back pretty soon."

Well when my dad and Tyler got back here he told us, that a drunk monkey could drive better than Clay with a trailer, they had a bit of a bumpy ride, lol.
Clay was clueless you can imagine his suprise  when he open the back door and he saw two slightly angry cowboys in the back.

They unloaded the horses and headed back to our house, me and Erica were in her room planning our escape route but dad came in armed with the strap, and before we could run away he grabbed  me and put me over his knee UH OH he whacked me pretty hard about but it was only about 25-30 whacks so it wasn't too bad, and I had a few layers of shorts on underneath my jeans so that padded it a little bit he he he. Erica baled on me but she ran into (literally) Tyler going up the stair and he hauled her back to dad, screaming and squealing, she got the same as me, but again she had protective layers so it wasn't that bad.
We got lectured about how our little stunt could have been dangerous but, in the end they were both laughing about it.
They got thier hats off and Tyler tickled us till we were both almost crying, ha ha, We do tease each other and pick on each other about pranks but I do love family=)

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I can not stop laughing, good thing Erica and you padded your bottom.

YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST TOLD ME THEY WERE IN THERE..........they both about attacked me because they thought I was in on it


Pretty lame if you ask me pinky :p

Oh come on its not lame

its lame