Spring Gala

Well a couple time a year my parents like to have a big party, mostly just as a formal high class social event because Texas doesn't have many of those, I hate it when they have these parties first off I am not invited and second its just a bunch of rich old people getting drunk and showing off their money.
This particular event was going to be smaller only 150 people, and most of it would be outside.
There are several things I hate  about these parties first would is me and Erica have to stand at the door and "greet" the guest as they arrive, I hate people calling my Alexia, and saying what a fine young lady I am growing up to be when they don't even know me.
Second is how badly everyone treats "the help", when there is a big party like this my parents bring a chef and servers, to manage things while they are partying.
They rush around getting everything people need, calling them "Ma'am" and  "Sir", making sure they have everything they need to be comfortable, they never get anything as simple as a "Please" or "Thank You". Now yes I have played some very very very small pranks on the housekeeper before but that was just a little fun, but I don't look down on them for any reason.
All those snobs are not better just because they married money or were born into it, we are all the same and important to God.
Thats why I don't feel bad doing pranks at these parties, if their clothes get a little wet and their hair gets messed up, what is it going to hurt them.
So me and Erica scheme up a few pranks.....................
The first attack it involved my remote control rat, everyone was in the back yard eating so we got set up in the bushes, and released the rat, Erica was driving it around and actually a few people saw it but that was good because they were freaked out and screaming but no one believed them that there was a rat running around  so we didn't really get in trouble for that.
My parents came up to say goodnight to us, and so I stuck a "Kick Me!" sign on the back my dads back, ( I know that is lame but we couldn't think of anything else)  he walked around for a little while with it, which was funny for us anyway,  but then my mom noticed it and took it off which is too bad.
The next prank was sometime me and Clay have been doing for years, it takes a bit of explaining but what it is is you go up on the balcony or the top of the staircase or where ever and you spit grapes down at the guests and the  goal is to try to get the grape in someones hair, because most of the ladies have all their hair twisted up on the top their head, yes it is childish and very naughty, but  amusing when you are 5 and dropping fake bugs down on people is even more amusing when are older, ha ha ha ha ha ha. I always have an assortment of various spiders and cockroaches, so me and Erica got up on the blacony that looks over the backyard and attempted dropping bugs down on people, we did manage to get a few, ha ha ha ha it is fun to think what their reaction will be when they find them later=D.
Our last prank occured later in the evening, everyone had already had quite a bit to drink (that was part of our plan if everyone is drunk then maybe they won't remember this) me and Erica each got set up with some bottles of diet coke, and "Geyser Tubes" full of Mentos mints.
For those of you who might not know where this is going if you drop mentos into a bottle of soda, preferable a whole role of mentos at the same time, it explodes and the soda shoots up in the air like a geyser.
The plan was to each set off 2 geyser when the lights were dim and everyone was slow dancing, and create a "fountain effect" well not really we just thought it would be cool........................ I had set up my I Pod on the stereio system to play "The Blue Danube-Waltz", me and Erica both had two 2 liter bottles of soda and a few smaller bottles so the fountain would have contrast, so anyway we got set up, I knodded to ner that was the singal we dropped the mentos in................. than ran for our lives we jumped in some bushes and stood back to admire our work , HA HA HA WOW, thesoda exploded and  six 10-15 foot fountains went up, ha ha ha that was AWESOME=D.
Everyone turned around in kind of shocked amazement, at what was even going on, a few had to jump out of the because they didn't want to get splashed, buuuuuuttttt a quite a few people didn't  move and got a little wet =  /.
So me and Erica went into hiding and played video games most of the night, and for once we actually didn't get in trouble for this prank, when everyone left my parents just went to bed, and in the morning they were kinda hung over still, and then they had to catch a flight so they didn't say much to us. Ha ha ha ha ha, so I guess we got away with that prank, but now my aunt and uncle are staying with us and they are not fond of pranks so we will have to wait a while.
But it was a fun weekend.

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ha ha ha good story you brought back memories lol

Haha , this made me laugh.