Crickets In The Library

 Okay so this is a very simple prank but I got the idea from a friend of mine and then I saw it on "Good Luck Charlie" so I think it would be cool to try out.
So yesterday evening I went out and caught a few grasshoppers and put them in a jar.
Now I am not a big fan of going to the library and I have read all the books they have about horses there like 3 times already so, the only time I ever go there is when I have to get books for school, or to look for an ancient movie you can't get on Netflix.
Well I was assigned a research paper I have to get done for school so this morning I went there to look for some books and I brought my cricket friends with me, ha ha ha ha ha =D
Now if you have ever sat outside in on a country even you can usually hear a peaceful chorus of crickets chirping together. But one single cricket chirping can drive you banannas.
So I go to the library and look through a few books then when no one was watching I left loose one of the three crickets I had (the other 2 are for church lol.)
It dropped down unto the floor and jumped away with out making any noise.
I flipped through some more books, and then I heard............ *chrip,chrip*.............some one looked up from their laptop but then went back to work, a few minutes later..................*chrip, chrip*................. a few more people looked up, ha ha ha my plan was working perfectly, this went on for a few more minutes, then I thought I should probably go before I burst out laughing, so I checked out my books, the cricket was chirping the whole time the librarian look a bit annoyed but I am sure she just thought a cricket got in somehow.
As I was about to leave she said, "Close the door quickly, the bugs get in if you leave it open too long..............".
I was trying my hardest to keep and straight face and stifle my laughter so I just said "Thank you, okay, bye." quickly ducked out the door and got in the car.
Then I let out all that built up laughter, HA HA HA HA =D, I have found most of the time the simplest pranks can be the funniest =).
So there is the cricket story and hopefully I will have the same results with church ha ha ha ha ha ha.



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2 Responses May 17, 2012

hahaahahahaha wow that is a genuis idea too bad I never thought of that and too bad I wasn't there to see it

IDK what irritates me more- when a fly gets in my apartment ( I can't move fast enough to kill them) or crickets chirping.