First Cold Then Hot

Alright so my EP Momma=) gave me the idea for this prank, because I needed a way to get back at my brother for literally "stealing" my Bright Light Pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay so what the prank is is you put IcyHot, on the toilet seat, and I have never experienced it but I guess it burns delicate skin pretty bad.
I always like to try toilet pranks with my mom, but she is pregnant now, so I can't mess with her.
So Clay got on the pranking list, and since I can't do mom I thought I would try it with my dad, wha ha ha ha ha ha ha =D.
So during lunch I put Icy/Hot all over the toilet seat in my dads office and the bathroom closest to the kitchen, then I got some Icy/Hot in spray form so I sprayed that all over the toilet paper, and I did drop a little hint to mom "don't go in there because I have a prank set up for Clay.........." ever since she found out about the baby she has been happy and the world is wonderful so she didn't  question the prank, he he.
 Phase one complete.
Next step speed up dad and Clays digestive tracks, so I made strawberry milk shakes, with real strawberries and whip cream and a cherry on top, I made one for everyone myself included but I put dad and Clays in blue glasses, and the ones for me, mom and Erica were in red glasses that way I didn't get confused, and because the shakes dad and Clay got had a little secret "lax" ingredient  in them lol.
So everyone thought that was sweet and adorable of me and the shakes tasted good, I only make the best for my pranks ha ha.
Phase two complete.
It didn't take long for the exlax to kick in maybe 10-15 minutes, and Clay was rushing to the bathroom, ha ha ha ha our brilliant plan was working beautifully.
I waited a few minutes then went to check how it was going............Clay behind was burning and he was saying a lot of bad words I am not going to repeat, and dad was having the same problem, ha ha ha ha ha ha =D, this was a good prank.
Phase for my life lol.
It tookk my dad a few minutes to get control of the situation, but when he did boy was he MAD : /.
I would have gone out riding or something so they he could have more time to relax and maybe forget about this prank, but I didn't want to get in more trouble for skipping school, so he eventually found me and dragged me out of my hiding spot, (under the bed in Clays old room),I was still laughing but he hauled me to my room, and then I had to explain what I did because he didn't really know he just knew his butt started burning when he sat down and the toilet paper was "itchy" lol. 
So after I did my best to explain, I still laughing a lot so it was hard, he decided I needed to be punished, because that was very naughty and mean and I was not to do that again.
Well I got about 30 whacks with his belt, I cried a little but wasn't that bad, I would do it again ha ha ha ha.
Then I had to apologize to Clay, I could tell by the look on his face he didn't think that was cute, and he processed to chase me around the house till dad told us both to quit that and get to work.
I went back to my school work and Clay went outside, my mom thought this prank was funny at least, ha ha she likes when we get dad, just as long as my pranks affect her in any way she thinks their amusing.
She was laughing so dad put his hand on her stomach and said "Hopefully this one is going to be a calm and quiet kid."
ha ha ha no not while  I am around to teach my  baby brother or sister, the fine arts of pranking wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha =D

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5 Responses May 18, 2012

What a crazy story; sorry you got spanked tho

THAT WAS NOT CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha come on bubby laugh it was funny

I feeeeel sooooooooooo bad for your dad and Clay, you too -- but that's just HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA GOOD JOB!

Hehe o who gave you that amazing funny idea ;) haha glad they enjoyed their shakes haha you turned me evil :)

That was a great story sis just like me except for taking pictures instead of running and hiding. like I should have you know and then I should have just cried and kept my mouth closed and not mad dad madder but i did.O well my butt with get over it. High 5 sis great prank and I love ur story :)