Pranking My Teachers

Okay so this prank is from a few days ago, my piano lesson got changed to monday, and I was bored and for those of you who follow my pranks you probably know that is a very bad sign ha ha ha, I don't usually  prank my piano teacher and if I do it is usually  a small harmless prank, but I planned to use the news about the new baby to my advantage.

Before I got any further I want to mention I prank I did to Clay I made some "Caramel onions" similar to caramel apples but with onions instead ha ha, now after my last prank with the milk shakes you would probably think he wouldn't go anywhere near anything I made, but he loves food primarly sweet stuff so he was walking through the kitchen, just grabbed on off the plate and bit into it ha ha ha, wow you should have seen his face =D he was totally disgusted, he chased me around the house for a little while but eventually got over it and just licked the caramel off lol.

Okay back to my piano teacher, I wanted to do a prank with the piano and since I haven't figure out how to make the keys move on thier own, I settled with a glue invovled pranks, "Gorilla Glue" is my number one choice for pranking so I put a bottle of it in my bag and headed to my lesson.
When I got there she was busy talking to the parents of one of her other students, their backs were to me so I very quickly spread some glue over the keys, its a keyboard so the keys are plastic so it didn't damage it or anything.
My teacher (Mrs. Carlson) finished her conversation then sat down at the piano next to me, we went through usual greeting of "How are you, how is school going............" stuff like that.
I got my book out and set it up on top of the piano then turned to her and said, "I was having trouble getting the timing right on this piece could you play it for me, so I can check?"
No questions asked she reached for the keys..............and was imediately stuck ha ha ha ha ha ha =D, she was upset thats for sure, she has a lot of younger students and she always has lots of time and patience for them, but she was MAD about this ha ha, you can imagine the image of a woman in her late 60's with her fingers stuck on the piano keys, threatening "You just wait till I tell your mother about this................"
Here is where I saved myself, she was the only one not in church on sunday so she didn't hear the announcement, and she is a very enthusiatic person she can get so excited about small things, like if I told her I had marshmellow cereal for breakfast she would think that is soooooo wonderful and amazing, I knew she would totally freak out when I told her "big news".
She threatened me some more don't really remember what it was so I casually said under my breath, "..............Oh yeah speaking of my mom she is going to have a baby....................."
Just as I had predicted her mouth dropped open in happy but suprised shock and she almost ripper her fingers off herself, and she spent the next five minutes pouring over how wonderful that was and she was so excited for our family, ha ha ha ha ha my plan worked. I had brought some nail polish remover with so I got her unstuck and cleaned off the keyboard.
The rest of my lesson went on uneventful, she even let me out early, and when she called home she didn't even mention anything about my little prank ha ha ha I love that new baby=)

The next part of this story is about my tutor, some of you might not know that I am homeschooled but me and my sister have a tutor who comes couple times a week and teaches us. He has been doing this for about 10 years, we have pranked him quite a bit like leaving shocking pens on his desk or tieing his shoe laces together but mostly harmless stuff. I guess I kinda consider him like family, not exactly an uncle because my uncles are WAYYYYYYYYYYYY cooler than her is but he doesn't have a girl friend so I guess considers us family too because he has threatned to quit a lot but he never does.
I am planning an end of year prank for him, but I decided why not have some fun this morning.
I got the idea when I noticed he was having a fiber bar and mango smoothie for breakfast, so I put IcyHot on the toilet seat ha ha ha ha. My dad told me not to do that anymore but hopefully he wouldn't find out, and the way I see it he set himself up for this prank, that was a bad breakfast combination : /
So he told me and erica to keep working on our math problems and he would be back in a minute, he was trying to act cool about it but he calmly walked out of the room but once he was in the hall way he hurried to the bathroom ha ha. I thought about running and hiding but instead I just decided to stay there and pretend like nothing was going on.
I figured it would be about 5 minutes and then we would hear a scream, and we heard a scream thats for sure, ha ha when i did it to dad and Clay they just kinda yelped, they didn't scream like a girl lol, and Erica giggled a little then focused on our work.
He came back in a few mintutes later I was worried he told my mom but he didn't say anything I guess he wanted to keep this to himself, but me, Erica and everyone else who follows my pranking stories really know what happened in there ha ha ha ha ha =D.

So there is the story and I am still trying to think of a prank for friday when i get done with school and I will probably be putting that story up too.

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The Caramel Onions was not funny, but must admit those other pranks did make me laugh a little.

great story sis i love ur pranks high 5 sis can't wait for ur next prank u always make me laugh great job