Never Too Old For Pranking

Now I am still working on getting caught up with stories and this one goes back to the weekend of Thanksgiving.

During Thanksgiving we have a lot of family that comes up to visit and this year my Great Uncle and Aunt came for a visit.
I call him Gruncle Arlos, you see the clever combination of (Great and Uncle ha ha) he is my grandfathers oldest brother, just to give you a clue on how ancient he is he says he stormed the beaches of Normandy when he was around Clay's age (21), so if you do a little math that puts him around 89. He is very old but still alive and ticking, actually he is doing really well compared to  my grandfather  who passed away from a heart attack at  age 77.
He brought Grant (great aunt)  Fay back from England after the war and I think she is probably around the same age as him, its funny because when she talks because she still has the accent.
He actually is very nice and like kids and laughed a lot when I told him tales of my pranking, and didnt get mad when I asked if he had fought in the War of 1812, or when I called him "Methuselah" ha ha.

I know this is bad but pranking is in my blood I couldnt resist I wanted to get him before he left, so I filled up a bucket with wood shaving and dumped it on them from the balcony as they were leaving, ha ha ha they were suprised and found it amusing, to some it might sound like a lame prank, but those people were around when dinosaurs walked the earth I didnt want to risk another heart attack.
My parents were mad but Gruncle Arlos just laughed and said "When you have lived as long as I have you learn to cherish children."

I have no idea how many years he and my aunt have been married but I would assume its long past 50,  they still hold hands and I am sure they take good care of each other, I guess thats what "Faithful unto death" really means. Thats how what I want me and Preston to be like when we grow old :).

I am proud of my Uncle for what he did and who he is now, he has a lot to teach but doesnt hold it above my head like he is smarter than I am.
They live near Houston but said they would be back around Christmas because they want to see thier new niece, I look forward to their next visit =).

This next story is about a prank I pulled on my Grandma.
About two weeks ago my Grandma moved into the guest house next door to us. She  has been very lonely since my grandfathers passing and didnt want to live in a big empty house anymore so we welcomed her with open arms. Its nice having her around she is always baking some delicious treat and she enjoys spending time with her "Grandbabies." It is kinda of weird because she calls everyone by their real name, my dad is "Jeffrey" around her and she pinches his cheeks because he is still her "baby boy" even though now he is in his 50's hahahaha, she calls me Alexia which I am kinda used to because I get scolded by that name quite often and she calls Clay "Clayton" and thats just really weird because he is never called his full name unless he is in HUGE trouble.

Well I am writing this story in my pranking group because I couldnt just let her come and live with us without a little house warming prank hahaha HaHaHa HAHAHA  On Saturday night I snuck over to her house and filled her hair dryer with flour, ha ha ha you can imagine what happens when you turn it on *POOF!!!*

The next morning me and my dad were having breakfast when the phone ran he got up to answer it and  said "Hello my dear Mother, how are you this blessed morning, are you settling in to your new place?" (he really doesnt usually talk that sappy he just like buttering her up)  I hear muffled yelling over the phone............."THAT DAUGHTER OF YOURS PUT FLOUR IN MY HAIRDRYER!!!!! I LEAVE FOR CHURCH IN AN HOUR AND MY HAIR IS A MESS!!!"
My dad started laughing and wouldnt stop he obviously found it amusing, my dad was the mischivious prankster of their family.
My Grandma yelled at him "JEFFREY RAYMOND DONT YOU LAUGH AT ME OR I WILL WHIP YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!...........he answered "Yes Momma"
Yikes that doesnt sound good : /.
My dad hung up the phone and said "You better hide your grandmas out to tan you good."
I didnt think she would be that mad and hoped she would get over it, but a few minutes later there was a loud knocking at the kitchen door =O Uh Oh im gonna get it now.
Dad got up to answer and I abandoned my cereal and slide under the table and ducked behind some chairs.
My grandma came in armed with an enormous switch, I stayed hiding but she told me "I am too old to crawl under there after you so you better come out of I will make it worse."
= / Yes Ma'am
I crawled out from my hiding place, ha ha ha she had flour all over her face. I turned around and  I got 20 licks, she really let me have it : / I didnt expect it to be that hard, she is pretty strong for an old woman and I guess after all those years of whipping my dad she knows how to use a switch, I had on my pajama pants but those still dont offer much protection.
I didnt cry but I had a hard time sitting comfortably in church : /.
That will probably be the last time I prank my grandmother.

I have learned that older members of the family have a lot to share and know a lot about life. I also learned dont think you can always get away with pranking them ha ha. I try to be respectful of my elders I know I can learn a lot from them and someday, even though it seems unimaginable now, I want to be like my Gruncle and my Grandma......... patient, kind, and  caring and I want to share my stories and wisdom sharing with younger generations.

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:p ugh no credit as usual but I think u and papa need to talk about pranks do you know anyone who has any chickens he can show you the bucket trick :D I love you sorry for being kinda idk off today I love you with all my heart and I am thankful to be your momma I would love someone to prank me I'm bored and lonely but o well great prank

Oh my gosh that is gross, I wouldnt do that to anyone except maybe Vicki, its okay I love you more.