I Love This Very Simple But Incredible Tune

Have you ever heard Cat Steven's "The Wind?" It is a very simple tune with very simple lyrics and expresses me and my soul as simply as it gets.

Anyway have a listen and see what you think.  This is the only version of this that has a violinist playing, which I thinks adds depth and levels that I have not experienced in other versions:)

zeusdelight zeusdelight
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I agree, the violin really adds something valuable to this excellent song...

I have loved Cat Stevens since I was a young girl. I had a fire and lost everything in 2004. The first thing my son bought me right after my horror...was a jam-box and a CD of Cat Stevens. *smile* I love his song, Moon Shadow. That suits me as a person. Thank you for sharing this. Oh.. yes the violinist did make a wonderful addition to the song.

i agree, Moon Shadow, whimsical with lots of meaning. Thank you

just wonderful!!!!